• oh my days my first journal entry DX

    17 Oct 2009, 22:15 by Chrissi-chan

    ten months is too long to go without writing a journal and then I saw that Teri-nee-chan did this and Teri-nee-chan is awesome. So obviously I joined in ;33

    (apparently there are rules to journals >o< I wa shock da!)
    Get your overall top 10 artists from Last.fm, and find the top 3 of their tracks that you've scrobbled most. Then note where it comes in that artist's "most-played" lists. The lower the track in the list, the weirder you are... or something to that effect.

    okay, let's see how we go ;P

    High And Mighty Color
    1] XYZ [3 - because it's new and awesome \m/>w<\m/]
    2] Mirror [95 - because it's mistagged (and by me DX) and awesome \m/>w<\m/]
    3] Over [6 - because it's old and awesome \m/>w<\m/]

    average mainstreamity: 35 = win!

    1] エーテル [51 - one of her best songs ever - needs to be listened more >o<]
    2] アントワネットブルー [2 - this got loads of plays when it was the only new song for a year and a half or something stupid ^__^;; still popular which is quite nice]