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  • Avatar for PetitSagittaire
    Iconic band.
  • Avatar for ssttaannzzii
    BokuMachi is garbage but hopefully the OP gained them a few more fans
  • Avatar for dumdun
    Rewrite <3
  • Avatar for nemu_no_mune
    Kind of caught off guard by Re:Re being in a show. It had been more than 10 years since I had listened to Sol-Fa. I'm glad to see that the band can reach a new group or generation of fans even with this. Got me back into the band as well :)
  • Avatar for kimuzensu
    The 2016 ver. of Re:Re: is pretty nice to listen to.
  • Avatar for Elizavrrrr
  • Avatar for Ay-da
  • Avatar for Harukaxz
    Aún no puedo creer que los haya visto, escuchado y hasta saludado!!!! Gracias por venir a México!!
  • Avatar for EroJunin
    I'm so happy for finally seing them live! One of the best moments of my life so far, thank you Ajikan!!
  • Avatar for SatoshiEK
    I'm glad I could see these motherfuckers in São Paulo, Brazil. Best show ever
  • Avatar for Tar-Ovat
    Went to their show in Chile. They are AMAZING.
  • Avatar for BulmaPunkRocker
    Great show in Chile!
  • Avatar for Zer0exe
    I still can't believe that I'll be able to see them tomorrow :')
  • Avatar for wancami
  • Avatar for veludinho
    DVD - Asian Kung-Fu Generation - 映像作品集9巻 デビュー10周年記念ライブ 2013.9.14 ファン感謝祭 [Eizo Sakushin Shu Vol. 9] (2014)
  • Avatar for Duque-Sama
    COME TO BRASI-- Oh wait. They're coming now and i dont have the money.
  • Avatar for aufarhazmi
    I just think that wonder future are really great albums. You can hear Gotoh screaming again, YAY and it give vibes like their early albums. Maybe some of you thinks this albums are little different sounding, or too bland. But i think this albums sounds unique. First time i hear on 'prisoner of the frame' spontaneously i said "WTF this sounds like "Foo Fighters Tracks"!! then my girlfriend told me that this albums recorded on Studio 606 which the owner are Dave Grohl-Foo Fighters!!WOOHO. So my ear telling it right and it explained why they sound so similar. I describe Wonder Future are less melodic, bass are lil shy, drums have quite impactful mixed in adequate volume with very good harmony.This result cold be too bland or subtle, but if you revisiting again like nokitron said or monitoring this albums repeatedly, you'll hear more details and more familiar AKFG sound even though the recording are slightly different. HAVE A GREAT LISTENING! (monitoring with AKG K601 REFERENCE HEADPHONE)
  • Avatar for nokitron
    I could agree on that. The bass is barely heard.
  • Avatar for Seriousti
    Nice album by AKG.
  • Avatar for Wolf_Cola
    It may be a grower, but there are so many problems with it. The mixing is weird, like everyone in the band is competing to be louder than eachother, therefore nothing gets a chance to shine. Biggest problem is how bland it is. Landmark was bad too, but it at least had some catchy hooks. This album sounds like the band is sleepwalking.
  • Avatar for nokitron
    I quite understand that. I do feel the same way with Landmark. It is not bad, but hell, I can't enjoy it. But for Wonder Future, revisiting the album may help.
  • Avatar for NobleSmash
    Wonder Future wasn't quite as great as I anticipated :( I only really enjoyed 2 or 3 out of the 11 on this album. At least it is something different though, none of the songs are really horrible but they just aren't my style.
  • Avatar for nokitron
    Wonder Future is great. Ajikan is back on track!
  • Avatar for Wolf_Cola
    Re: peter_out - Nothing from Wonder Future, that's for sure. What a snoozer.
  • Avatar for peter_out
    Now you can sing AKG songs lots of other Japanese music in the regionfree Japanese Karaoke App JOYSOUND.TV Plus for PS3/PS4 (it's regionfree on PS4 at least) Which AKG songs will you sing first? :)
  • Avatar for Jefferson_Lima
    Vão fazer show em SP mas não no RJ .-. Devíamos fazer uma petição para eles visitarem as terras cariocas.
  • Avatar for patricio_
    @MiinaMiyafuji Thanks :)
  • Avatar for jonpyo
  • Avatar for ChrnoTodd
    Estarei em São Paulo dia 15 de Novembro só pra ver vocês. Finalmente um sonho se ralizando, só falta agora Kalafina e Abingdon Boys School aqui no Brasil!
  • Avatar for MiinaMiyafuji
    @patricio_ Loop & Loop :)
  • Avatar for patricio_
    What is the name of the song, that in the video they are at a school??? thanks :D
  • Avatar for sunofnothing2
    Finally in Chile!
  • Avatar for Eriol-kun
    After being a fan for 10 years I'll finally get to see a concert of them. There are no words for this happiness. <3 See you November, 15th, AKG.
  • Avatar for Tatsu_
    Como que ya había perdido esperanza que viniera :O
  • Avatar for Dxnuuuu
    ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION Tour 2015 「Wonder Future」- Latin America ~~ CHILE ♥, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico !!
  • Avatar for hendiplast
    Come to Indonesia please ! [2]
  • Avatar for shoran_li
    Come To South America!!!
  • Avatar for ShinTensei
    Amazing band. Hope to see them come to america sometime
  • Avatar for MikeyLNG
    I'm addicted to Shinkokyuu at the moment.
  • Avatar for AlveinR
    S O L A N I N ♥
  • Avatar for superfreak307
    asian kung-fu gay-neration (joke) ;p
  • Avatar for PauloHT13
    By far my favorite band
  • Avatar for kimkuro
    @nokitron - Same here. Blue Train and Blackout will forever be my favorite.
  • Avatar for nokitron
    I think everybody has their own favorite Ajikan song. Myself had liked "Blue Train" and "Blackout", but I am addicted to "Aru Machi no Gunjou" right now.
  • Avatar for c0llagen
    I gave Ajikan a great amount of listen, but only 未だ見ぬ明日に really appealed to me for some reasons that I cannot explain DX
  • Avatar for a_spaceman
    リライト is correct, this band almost never uses the roman alphabet for song titles
  • Avatar for nokitron
    They are both right. リライト is read "Riraito", which is a pronouncation for "Rewrite" in Japanese
  • Avatar for sxperb
    リライト or Rewrite... what is right tag-_-?
  • Avatar for Trollpacket
    The Tatami Galaxy OP <3
  • Avatar for anub64
    спасают меня


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