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Vocal : YT (Yuta Susa 諏佐勇太, ex-ラヴィアンローズ諏佐勇太-YTartworks-)
Guitar : NO (Nao ナオ, ex-カリメロheidi.)
Bass : NK (Naoki 那オキ, ex-LEMON-GLASS, ex-ATOMIC TORNADO, ex-RESEARCH, ex-Aioria, → 人格ラヂオ)
Drums : AT (ARATA NAKAMURA , ex. OOPARTS, SPEAKER, now DJ as arata nakamura and in gizmo killed the stripes)

ANNY's LTD. is an angura kei band from Tokio (Japan), although they’re only a session band. They’re incredibly unique and their music is astonishing. They play a mix of electro rock’n’roll, very close to hardcore or punk, similar to THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS.

It seems they are very inspired by the movie A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. Not only do their releases have the same name but the members dress up as 'droogies', with white overalls and black hats.

They formed in 2002 with members from other active bands. They stopped their activity in 2006, but had some one day revivals.

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