• As time goes by (Hauts de Plafond concert in Paris)

    Set 18 2005, 20:35 di natc

    It was a bright day, and I arrived at 7pm at the Point Ephemere, in Paris, for a concert of Sonore bands Les Hauts de Plafond and Yuko Nexus 6 (I hadn't noticed at that time that Printed Circuit was also listed).
    The Point Ephemere is the current abonned building that the Ephemere (but recurrent) squad of artists occupies. They previously occupied places such as l'Hopital Ephemere and l'Usine Ephemere (as they named them). The building is situated in the north-east of Paris, on the quay of a canal leading to the Seine. So it was nice taking a drink at the cafeteria and having a walk alongside the canal, while waiting for the concert room to open.
    Except that it wasn't supposed to be a two-hours-and-a-half walk. There was a printed error on the flyers, I was told later, at last entering the concert (and being left alone with the staff for some time before anyone else joined).
    Well, so I enjoyed seeing the sunset over the canal, in the fresh air of the last hour of daylight, but was still happy enough to enter the concert room...