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ALSDEAD is an alternative metal band from Tokyo, Japan active since December, 2008. Their music can be described as an aggressive, yet melodic metal sound, fused with electronic musical elements. The band's concept is to create music that assumes mental disorder to be basis.

Vocal: Maki
Birthday: 11/20 (November 20th)
Blood type: B
Cigarette: Nonsmoker

Guitar: Shin (沁)
Birthday: 11/29 (November 29th)
Blood type: B

Bass: Yosuke (陽佑)
Birthday: 1/5 (January 5th)
Blood type: A
Cigarette: Marlboro MENTHOL LIGHTS

Drums: Nikky
Birthday: 2/17 (February 17)
Blood type: A
Cigarette: Marlboro LIGHTS BOX

Former Members
Drums: 刹亞 (Setsua) (ex. DICE AND JOKER(PEANUTS BEN邪MIN) → ALSDEAD(刹亞))

Bass: 玲人 (Reito) (ex. outburnRy:dia(masaki) → ALSDEAD(玲人))

2009.01.28 Violent Of Reason (maxi single)
2009.02.25 S.a.g.A (maxi single)
2009.10.07 PARADOX (maxi single)
2009.10.28 HELL drawing (omnibus)
2010.01.13 Distrust (maxi single)
2010.02.24 妖幻鏡~アメジスト~ (Yougenkyou ~Amethyst~) (omnibus)
2010.06.16 ALSDEAD (album)
2010.10.20 Fragile (live limited single)
2011.02.XX Explosion showcase (omnibus)
2011.04.13 Into The Void (maxi single)
2012.02.29 MODALITY (mini album)
2012.06.27 CRUSH!3 -90's V-Rock best hit cover LOVE songs- (omnibus)
2012.07.11 FLASH BACK (maxi single)
2012.11.07 Puzzle (maxi single)
2013.04.24 Separator (album)
2013.08.21 DIRTY EVIL (single)
2013.09.25 EVIL BEAUTY (single)
2014.06.04 STARLESS (single)
2014.10.08 IDEA-イデア- (album)


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