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8 Alone's:
A posthardcore band from Italy, a rock band from Slovakia, a UK electronica artist and a Serbian electronica artist …and a melodic hardcore punk band out of Boise, ID…. and a depressive/suicidal black metal band from Detroit, MI.
You would think they would all get together? Longer bio's follow:

#1 Rock Band from Slovakia (Nitra)


On october 1980 (the year of the monkey in chinese horoscope) Michal Cabala was born in Nitra. He started singing from his six years of age. His first band was called DDT. He played in the band with Pete Slamecka. The man that influenced him a lot later on. On april 2000 Michal become a singer in VRAK and the new history of the band started to be written. He took over the leadership in the band and gradually began to change its direction. The band, influenced by Michal’s music and lyrics production, started to change its repertoire more close to melodic pop-rock and started to be more popular among the music and wide public, as well. In 2006 the members of the band decided to change their name to ALONE, what meant the definite end of the past and stepped on a new path with the aim of succeeding with their new and own production, together with recording their first professional CD. The leader of the band Michal, apart from singing and playing the guitar, writes lyrics both in Slovak and English, composes and makes music.


#2 Electronica / New Wave / Experimental band from Serbia.

typical sound of alone is a mixture of sterile and gentle. alone's dark electronic music sounds as if the 80's industrial has never happened and we still live in the monumental synthetic sound of late 79/80's METALBEAT era. alone has been active through numerous releases and performances since 1994.

official web page
page on cold trinity
myspace profile

#3 electronica / Post Rock / Indie

UK Electronic music act produced by musician / film-maker James Reichelt. Alone began in 2001 with James and his freind Joe Alexander jamming in bedrooms in Cheltenham. People moved, bedrooms changed but the music never left the house until the internet allowed the music exposure here, there and everywhere. James relocated to Cardiff to complete a degree in Fine Art and took Alone along the way, producing several soundtracks and short films.
The Latest release is available online at last.fm entitled I Hope Shall Arrive Soon (2007)


#4 contemporary classical / ambient

Alone is the moniker of Lorena Alvarado a Boston based Venezuelan contemporary classical composer. Her works are primarily inspired by film score but have been referred to as ambient and even shoegaze. She was classically trained in conservatory of Caracas at a young age. She currently resides in Boston where she began to write her own songs and release them under the 'Alone' pseudonym through Practice Room Records. Her work is available for free download at the Practice Room Records website

Alone is currently working on new material for an Ep/ Album

This is also the name of a band that seems to have vanished that originated in Illinois, USA around 2000-2001.

#5 Hardcore band from italy.


#6 Melodic Beat pop combo from North Manchester. Alone began in 1993 and changed to Thermonic in the summer of 98. In the glourious 5 years they made music together Stephen ' Bez' Beswick (Keyboards), Gavin Foley (Bass), John Evans (Vox and Guitar), Lee Maguire (Drums) and Gary Blackmore (Vox and Guitar) had many highlights including signing to BMG for Publishing, releasing a single - 'Time' through Dedicated records and playing many acclaimed gigs including The Reading festival in 96, supporting Bon Jovi at Maine Rd Stadium and Manchester Uni (Hop and Grape).

7) Melodic hardcore punk out of Boise, ID. https://alonehardcore.bandcamp.com/album/no-youth

8) Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal from Detroit, MI.

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