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ALI PROJECT is a Japanese neoclassical duo with a strong Gothic Lolita image, consisting of Arika Takarano (宝野アリカ) - vocals & lyrics and Mikiya Katakura(片倉三起也) - music & arrangement.

They made their debut in the charts back in 1988 as Ant Project (蟻プロジェクト Ari Purojekkuto) with their album Gensō Teien. The basis of the music of this album is powerful, multifaceted sound of electronic instruments in combination with…

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  • For those wondering about the pronunciation of the title - 快楽 is most commonly read as "kairaku", but "keraku" is also a valid reading, possibly an old/outdated one. Arika *usually* uses the "keraku" reading throughout this album.
  • I haven't really cared about ALI PROJECT's new music for years. I would listen once or twice and move on, but Keraku no Susume is awesome, I really like every track except #1 and both #10s.
  • Happy Birthday, Arika!
  • I actually see this album as a grown up version of Ryuukou Sekai, of course this is not a bad thing haha. My favorites are 狩猟令嬢ジビエ日誌 (7), 異端者たちの悦楽 (2), 快楽のススメ (3), 禁忌 TABOO (6) and 放蕩娘と無慈悲な遊戯 (4). But, I guess I like the whole album and I couldn't expect nothing more from the lyrics that are perfect for the theme, a mix of lust, desire, sex and, of course, pleasure <3
  • Yeah, it's absolutely incredibly, quite possibly my new favourite! I wish last.fm would hurry up and give 快楽のススメ a proper page with artwork though; it's been out long enough now. My favourites are 陸と海と空と (1), わたしは欲望という名の處女 (5), 狩猟令嬢ジビエ日志 (7), アタラクシア、そして対峙する自己 (8) and Golden Slumbers Kiss Your Eyes (10 - limited edition). Overall though, all songs are brilliant, it's a very experimental album, and in my opinion, pulled off excellently!
  • Kairaku no Susume is an amazing album, it's better than I expected.
  • The lines from Kinki TABOO "Darkness is true / Punishment is real" are the best way to describe Keraku no Susume <3
  • i like it :) kairaku no susume is awesome album. 陸と海と空と is the best song in kairaku no susume album in my opinion :D
  • Everyone's been super quiet lately...where have you all gone?! I was waiting to give others a chance, but I'm too excited, so here's two 35 second previews of the music videos for the new album!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsfCj--rEEM and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wlAlf3Uk4M. They sound absolutely amazing!! I'm pre-ordering the special edition of the new album this Sunday. Who's excited?! I most definitely am!!
  • Not long now until the new album「快楽のススメ」(Kairaku no Susume - Advice of Pleasure)! The song names on the tracklist look really interesting, and the album artwork is stunning!! (http://www.generasia.com/wiki/Kairaku_no_Susume). Not sure why they've written the romaji on the artwork as 'Keraku' rather than 'Kairaku' though. I can't wait!!

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