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There are 3 artists known by the name Alhambra.

1) Alhambra (who want to use separate tag –>ALHAMBRA) is a Japanese progressive/symphonic power metal band. They formed in Kanagawa, Japan in 2003. The band followed Junko Nakagawa's older band Marge Litch with a very similar sound. Yuhki also played keyboard in that same band.

Band members:
Junko Sera - Vocals
Yuhki - Keyboards
Toshihiro Kajihara - Guitar
Hibiki - Bass
Tetsuro - Drums

In 2005 the album "A Far Cry to You" was released, and in 2007 their most successful album "Fadista" saw the light. In 2008 they released a DVD called "From Impressive Memory -Die Walkure-". Alhambra's third studio album "Solitude" was released in 2010.

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2) Alhambra are an Italian "Musical Kollektiv" based in Bologna, an open project that blends progressive, psychedelia and ethnic influences. Their debut album, "Luna Nova" was released in 2002, followed in 2005 by "Temporale". Their works have been released by Fly Agaric!, an independent label founded in 1998 by one of the members of the band, Andrea Monetti. Alhambra's members have collaborated with artists such as Chris Karrer (Amon Duul II), Lothar Stahl (Checkpoint Charlie), Christian Burchard (Embryo) and with many musicians from Bologna that share their passion for psychedelic and ethnic sounds. The present line up features Marina Girardi (vocals), Nick Le Rose (vocals, guitar, bass, bouzouki), Andrea Monetti (flute, sax, synthesizer), Pier Bernardi (oboe), Gianluca Pappalardo (guitar) and Cristina Atzori (drums).

3) Alhambra is a New-York-based 5-member ensemble that performs vocal and instrumental Judeo-Spanish (Sephardic) music, founded in 1981 by Dr. Isabelle Ganz. The group has taped the songs of native singers, worked with material transcribed by ethnomusicologists, and arranged the music for performance on instruments from the folk cultures of Mediterranean, Middle East, and Balkan regions.

Ensemble members:
Dr. Isabelle Ganz, Mezzo-Soprano, guitar, Hirtenschalmei
George Mgrdichian, Oud
Michael Hess, Kanun, Nay, Violin
Daniel Pincus, Tenor
Yousif Sheronick, doumbek, riq (Arabic tambourine), frame drums

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