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There are 12 artists with this name:

1) AK-47 are an / band from Beijing, China.

2) AK47 are a crust punk band from Croatia

3) AK-47 was a punk band from Houston, TX. Their classic first and only single "The Badge Means You Suck / Kiss My Machine" was released in 1980; the whole Houston police dept when ape-shit over this song and it was on the local newspapers and TV. They brilliantly channeled their rage into a 4-minute tirade and matched their rage with intellectual acumen by writing caustic lyrics and a chorus that diverted a Houston Police Department slogan; No, the badge doesn’t mean you care. The badge means you suck!

4) AK-47 is a hip-hop prophet out of Tempe, AZ.

5) AK-47 are a hardcore punk band from Canada.

6) AK-47 is a GRINDCORE band from Indonesia

7) AK-47 aka the Heavy Metal Warrior (His real name is Ray Jackson) is a disabled rapper from Port Hadlock, Washington.

8) AK-47 are an older pseudonym to the breakcore artist Cdatakill. Roberts produced a driving and abrasive hi-fi speedcore sound then, almost the oppesit now.

9) AK-47 is a mexican hardcore/metal band from Mexico City. One of the oldest bands or the genre in Mexico, being active since the mid-nineties, with various releases over the years.

10) AK-47 is a minimal-synth band from England.
They released 7" :"Stop!Dance!" in 1979

11) AK-47 is a rap band from Russia
2009 — «Berezovskiy»
2010 — «МегаPolice»

12) AK-47 is a Italian rap Group.

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