• The Toasters

    11 Feb 2009, 23:27 by lovenotwar

    Mon 9 Feb – Low Gun Booking presents: The Toasters

    Monday night was a good night in Tucson. It began with ska and ended with snow. But now for the show.

    The opening bands were both decent. The Shkanks opened, with a number of catchy ska songs, each one possessing the typical 'third wave ska sound'. A little cookie cutter sounding, but nonetheless solid as an act. AIDS Free were sort of like skacore, some songs involving screamed vocals and others more typically ska sounding. Their musicians were more technically impressive than those of the Shkanks, however.

    AND THEN THE TOASTERS PLAYED. They opened with "Two-Tone Army", which was of course a good omen. Bucket has a great stage personality and kept everyone laughing in between songs with his commentary. Minus the asshole behind me who kept shouting songs for the band to play (and then attempted to shake their hands after the set? the hell?) the show was flawless. They included classic Toasters songs "Weekend in L. …