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  • Avatar for Peace_Sells86
    Stop fucking comparing everything to the Bon stuff.
  • Avatar for tyrant666
    always loved this one... Underrated!!!
  • Avatar for Thradar
    Good song, but Last Action Hero is a terrible movie.
  • Avatar for jalalsemlali
    !@#$% Yeah!
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
  • Avatar for ToxicOrochi
    Listening to this, it's definitely what Doom 1's E2M1 theme was based on
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    @ ericfg...If you were referring to my comment then i didn't mean the song was terrible..I Love both eras with Bon Scott and Brian Johnson..I was just simply talking about the movie itself..And if you weren't referring to my comment then never mind.. :-)
  • Avatar for ruinedtwo
    Agree 100% with the comment below. Nothing compares to the early Bon Scott stuff. I still like it, but not nearly as much.
  • Avatar for ericfg
    >One of their best songs :) Look into their Bon Scott material, you might change yor mind.
  • Avatar for TheDarkSide73
    Last Action Hero is a great soundtrack but terrible movie..
  • Avatar for greenvillepa
  • Avatar for zombiegorennoir
    jdslkfsdlkfjsdj YEEEEEEEEES <3
  • Avatar for srv_
    One of my favorite AC/DC songs! Rocks hard!
  • Avatar for SDFprowler
    This is AC/DC's best song right here. Very first song I ever liked (I was 10).
  • Avatar for FlauschiHasi
    this song is so fucking awesome
  • Avatar for WiJoCo
    BACON!!....BACON!! Number one...BACON!!...BACON was in the Footloose.
  • Avatar for Nirvana_inside
    Classics of rock!
  • Avatar for YuriPuri
  • Avatar for angryman618
    sounds evil but rly good
  • Avatar for solid snake
    Back in the 90's with this great song :D
  • Avatar for radio-tractore
    last action hero!
  • Avatar for Angelripper999
    Best song
  • Avatar for PabloFromPoland
    Arnold is better as Angus than Angus as himself :D
  • Avatar for Michaelxdd
    Arnold Schwarzenegger is great! xD
  • Avatar for DavCnuk
    Arnold Schwarzenegger fu*king ROCKS! :D
  • Avatar for andy_paul
    Holly molly what a song and what a riff! Shame this isn't more easily available
  • Avatar for rossoner4o
    One of their best songs :)
  • Avatar for SP1984
    GET SOME !!!
  • Avatar for EricFromJango
    Big gun kick the hell outta you!
  • Avatar for aggggghhhh
    Give that man a lozenge.......
  • Avatar for aggggghhhh
  • Avatar for metalmom45
    What can i say it's fuckin AC/DC They are the best of the best
  • Avatar for wickedclowns95
    Overrated artist IMO. They're alright but lots of their music sounds very similar to say the least. Just like 3 bar chords played repeatedly for an entire song...
  • Avatar for LeeOfgraDaN
    Party time folks, lets go!
  • Avatar for sdlierle
    One of my favorite songs from AC/DC!!! From the Last Action Hero Soundtrack!!!!! Love the video with Arnold dressed like Angus dancing around like him!!! So freakin' funny and cool!!!!!!
  • Avatar for skogtin2009
    это по-русски
  • Avatar for SP1984
    NUMBER 1
  • Avatar for doctorjmo
    they r still @ it!!--number one!!
  • Avatar for r_Strela
    I love this song
  • Avatar for niksaaan
    most. badass. song. ever.
  • Avatar for maine6622
  • Avatar for CoB4EvA
    fuckin rocks!
  • Avatar for body_mind_soul
    yes XD
  • Avatar for swatcheswitches
    AC/DC 4ever
  • Avatar for temocua
    AC DC is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for wanderer44
    thundersmoke you,ve got that the wrong way round !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for wanderer44
    I agree with batsi666 ! The Best !!!!!!
  • Avatar for connor6666
    i fuckin love ac/dc legends of rock they changed the rock era :D
  • Avatar for bostonredsoxfan
    I grew up with these guys. The band has been around forever and they can still blast the loud music and are timeless. They will ROCK forever.
  • Avatar for connor6666
    aw yes i love this band best band ever no one beats them and this song is amazing :D


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