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  • DreamyGirl-

    great song :D

    January 2015
  • tyrant666

    Awesome song!!!!! \\M/

    October 2014
  • treesmother

    I'm as cool as a body on ice...... Hotter than a rollin' dice........ Send you to heaven..... Take you to hell

    March 2014
  • Campbell1961

    A brilliant track.

    October 2013
  • a_jeda

    \m/ \m/

    July 2013
  • srdjstuka

    ⚡ !

    May 2013
  • rockandrolljoe

    Wilder than a drunken fight.

    March 2013
  • bigben989

    Stick this in your fuse box!

    January 2013
  • MIKEH3875

    AC ⚡ DC!!!!!!!!

    January 2013
  • DaveBaldwin

    Holy smokin' sweeeet desiiire! Like a hot rod baby! Who says the Youngs couldn't write lyrics? Can't crank this album loud enough...still!

    July 2012
  • MusicMagic77

    Great live version on Vintage Voltage album...

    June 2012
  • granpubah

    It gets better..... but Angus is one crazy little MoFo

    March 2012
  • MIKEH3875

    doesn't get any better than this......

    February 2012
  • black87FXR


    January 2012

    Bon era fantastic♥ Let there be AC ⚡ DC!!!!!!!!

    January 2012
  • hollyheer


    January 2012
  • vLipwig

    you've got the phone and the number and ive got no future plans

    October 2011
  • vLipwig

    dun dah da dah

    October 2011
  • vLipwig

    dun duh

    October 2011
  • Alnico

    Kewler than your body on ice............hotter that rolling dice!!! Bon Scott uses opposites with such great effect..............just like in the lyrics of Bad Boy Boogie.

    October 2011
  • Alnico

    Well if your lookin for trouble...............I'm the man too see!!!

    October 2011
  • Costelongue

    The grounding bass, my god.

    September 2011
  • tyrant666

    still so awesome

    August 2011
  • sto79

    One of the best AC/DC songs. Love it!

    July 2011
  • mrpaul01

    Wow, I never made that connection before, it does sound a little like jumpin jack flash!

    May 2011
  • alessross

    one of my fav ac dc song/// reminds me of jumpin jack flash

    March 2011
  • joaoleopires

    I'm as cool as a body on ice Hotter than a rollin' dice...

    February 2011
  • VasZaitsev

    love it, one of my first AC-DC songs to hear.

    January 2011
  • BacklineDAD

    Whiskeymacht halt doch ne nette Stimme! HEY HOO BON Scott!

    January 2011
  • miner_90

    Live version blows my mind

    November 2010
  • nopuppet

    very tight version on live at atlantic studios

    October 2010
  • Nochek


    September 2010
  • blenderous

    angus' solo :-~~~ tickles the soul :-*

    September 2010
  • Kocur1403

    Ten utwór zawsze będzie mi się dobrze kojarzył!!! AC/DC RULED!!

    September 2010
  • what7


    August 2010
  • priest4

    der 30. todestag des genialsten sängers weltweit

    February 2010
  • theytsejamer

    good intro, but angus' solo????... simply, but effective!!!

    December 2009
  • SirPsychoFlea

    you just have to love that intro

    November 2009
  • KnoxBrz


    November 2009
  • LilOmega

    stick this in your fuse box

    October 2009
  • BlackSunrize

    One of the best ACDC Songs!

    October 2009
  • cbpride


    March 2009
  • angusrocks001

    Live in Paris.

    March 2009
  • Zwois

    a hell of an opener! they should play it live again

    November 2008
  • Elgranzappatoo

    Holly Smoke In Sweet Desire !!!!!!!1

    October 2008
  • GRAMMstein

    I'm as cool as a body on ice Hotter than a rollin' dice

    August 2008
  • BostonIrish

    yeah i loved the intro-i kept waiting for the song to "kick in" but it didn't. still a good song though.

    June 2008
  • The Creed

    LIVE WIRE!!!

    July 2007
  • DutchCreature

    Amazing intro!

    February 2007