• pimlicoco

    ..Tears for shields and spears... The Lexicon of Love is a pop treasure trove.

    February 2008
  • DrBix

    Date Stamp, pling, pling.

    February 2008
  • DrBix

    Always thought it was the Book of Love ...

    February 2008
  • voicesda

    Thats The Look....

    January 2008
  • rabidoveryou

    I find it confusing that I'm sixteen years old and trying to convince my parents that The Lexicon of Love is an absolute masterpiece. They won't believe me, and besides, shouldn't it be the other way round?'s their loss. :P

    December 2007
  • energyefficient

    if i was forced to listen to just one decade of music for the rest of my life? No brainer, it would be the 80s of course. Starting with Look of Love!

    December 2007
  • northaneastes


    November 2007
  • miss_rose

    Recently rebought the back catalog. Still love them.

    November 2007
  • elgarian

    Have loved them for years! Looking to replace my collection and am SO glad to have found them here...have fallen in love with Viva Love...

    November 2007
  • anthonypizarro

    I am soooo in Love with 'When Smokey Sings'

    October 2007
  • zengintepe

    Add and subtract, but as a matter of fact... All of my Heart is poptastic 80's gold

    August 2007
  • mcbirdo

    The Look Of Love - best 80's song and I'm still not bored of it 25 years later

    August 2007
  • ReContraMil

    Shoot that poison arrow to my heaaaart! Wow I love that song.

    July 2007
  • coreline

    TUNE, all of them, Tunes...

    July 2007
  • MacTonight

    When I got there early, she'd arrived late...

    June 2007
  • grossy2

    These are the lessons i should have learned. These are the letters i should have burned. Many Happy Returns.

    June 2007
  • ravenguy2000

    Awesome stuff, so happy whenever ABC is on

    May 2007
  • VinylTap

    For anyone interested in sharing recommendations (music and/or makeup), The New Romantics Desk.

    February 2007
  • ericorbit

    millionaire billionaire zillionaire

    January 2007
  • strangelove88

    Fantastic stuff. Lexicon of Love is an absolute masterpiece.

    January 2007
  • BeauGiles

    Regarding all The Chaser entries, these are Incorrectly tagged. Should be Andrew Hansen Hansen

    December 2006
  • Haakzich


    December 2006
  • Jopzorz


    November 2006
  • alexdw_mgzi

    I wish we could get a decent moderation system to remove that crap from ABC (the television/radio network).

    November 2006
  • gaz_


    July 2006
  • ABCFryfan

    Baltimore show rocked!!! Cheers Martin...

    June 2006
  • tikilab

    Martin Fry on Jimmy Kimmel tonight... yay!

    May 2006
  • ABCFryfan

    like 4 sure! i going to a Baltimore show!

    April 2006
  • AngFry

    tHE bEST bAND In tHE wORLD..... Is any one going to any concerts of ABC***

    April 2006