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Etienne B ”A.T.M JEFF” (born January 1, 1993) Jeff is an Australian singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. R&B singer JEFF is a storyteller who paints visual scenarios that tug at the listener’s heart-strings,” says TAO BOIZ, who also discovered hip Hop sensation Fred Niyo’o. In fact, it was John k-ay who first stumbled across Jeff’s Facebook page in July 2009, liked what he heard, and recommended him to G-Marl Jamal, so he can join the crew.

“first” Single “LOVE YOU” Featuring G-Marl Jamal the song was everywhere around Australia, which made Jeff popular in Australia, and some other few countries. Jeff was born on 1, January 1993, in the small town of Kigoma, Tanzania, which made him a Tanzanian citizenship. Jeff grown up as a Christian; he was baptized in a Christian church when he was about 11 years old. Then he entered church choirs and learn how to sing. In 2007, His mother decided to move Katy, Texas so her children could study better and start a new life there.

JEFF is also a second leader of TAO BOIZ CREW which he loves a lot. Even tho the people he started the crew with such as G-Marl JAMAL and Malikizoh left, it didn’t mean anything to him. He believed that no matter what happens in this planet, we can still make things work. He’s best friend John k-ay who is also a member of TAO BOIZ CREW never want to give up on TAO as he says ‘ I was born to sing, i do not care of who leaves, i care about who stays. It’s like when you performing some leave and some stays and those who stays are the ones who always gets what is prepared”.

He spend 7 months in Katy, Texas. In November, 2007 he moved to Australia with his family. When they got in Australia, JEFF went to Melville senior high school where he did his IEC (Intensive English Class). The normal program was to be there for two years but JEFF was there for only one year and he was eligible to go to a normal high school. JEFF moved to Australia when he was 14 years old. Jeff’s advice to young African-Americans and African Australians is to stay away from drugs, alcohol and smoking because they destroy you, your body and your future. A.T.M Jeff is a person who is interested in music so much. Since he was about 8, 9 yrs old,he told his mother that no matter what happen he’s going to be a singer, but hey didn’t believe him they thought he was just saying because he was still too young. But now they can’t believe it to what he’s doing right now. Read more www.atmjeff.com

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