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A.R. Rahman

Mumbai Theme Tune (5:14)


  • deepen
  • Soulful rendition by Rahman matching & enhancing Manirathnam's images on screen in "Bombay"!
  • My eyes r full of tears! i like it song.
  • pure magic this chap is..... Made India proud and will continue to do so...... Such a moving theme, and yet soooo simple
  • breaks donkeys heart
  • спокойная музыка...интересно слушать
  • Awesome this song !! Je suis sous le charme !!
  • This song is all about the win.
  • Truely Astonishing. :o
  • lovliest track..and perfect for the scene in 'BOMBAY'
  • slumdog is nowhere close to his best works anyway, everyone knew this man was gonna win it one day [2]...yes..its true...doesn't this track make everyone feel he should have got an academy award long before
  • One of the most beautifull songs ever made......
  • me levou as lturas!
  • about time this guy got an Oscar!
  • PERFEKT !!!!!!! ist dass hammer geil :))
  • me like
  • ar rahman is ultimate
  • Its just the beginning for AR
  • the part of violin in the 4th minute is magic . . .
  • this track is brilliant ... the soothing melody, on the flute ... is magical
  • Hermoso!!! esto lo estaba buscando hace muchoooooooooooooo
  • Maravilhoso!!!
  • slumdog is nowhere close to his best works anyway, everyone knew this man was gonna win it one day
  • Rahman, You are God. Yaa, this definitely is the music from paradise.
  • music from paradise... a wonderful top quality of composition
  • simplesmente fantastica estou literalmente arrepiado Conheço Bombay de ponta a ponta estudei lá durante dois anos.
  • Salam Bombay , Salam Rahman Great Music Congrets Rahman For Oscar
  • J'aime trop cette musique ; je l'écoute le plus souvent possible car elle me transporte dans un pays lointain où je ne suis jamais allée, l'INDE
  • that's great that he won the OSKAR ;)
  • very nice track...
  • Sounds even better live, saw with Nitin Sawheny amazing artists.
  • splendid tunes..i jst feel dey dance on his hands... or say fingers .. real soothing corner of world if left wid only A.R.RAHMAN tracks. jst love his compilations.
  • gr8 guy completely rocking
  • makes me want to go back to india now...feeling nostalgic
  • He's the GOD!!!!!!! Dunno how else to express him!!! Hats off to Rahmanji!!!!!
  • someone should already give this man an oscar
  • a simple melody masking an underlying complex expression, a thing A.R.Rahman has mastered in...immense detail to music and perfection...Awesome mixing...A rare gem...I am ever respectful...
  • Soul stirring stuff!
  • great music..
  • really nice, I luv it
  • Kudos 2 Legend.....Awesome
  • How about that powerful bass drone?
  • wow, no wonder golden globe is in your kitty, and hopefully the oscars too... I love you
  • ok.
  • A mesmerizing one
  • Ah this song brings back childhood memories.... I was like 9 when it came out.
  • He's so good with orchestration! His latest orchestration, Dil Ka Rishta, from Yuvvraaj is totally awesome! Can't stop listening to this guy's tracks and always waiting for more...
  • maravilloso.. simplemente.


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