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ADub’s daring style and aggressive delivery brings positive, uplifting and a whole new life to hip hop and rap. Mostly described as a political rapper or a consequence rapper, Aaron‘s music usually includes metaphorical lyrics know as alternative rap blended with the sounds of hip hop, funk, pop, and soul.
Aaron Faucett was born on January 4, 1987 in Pasadena, California. At the age of six, he moved to Chicago, Illinois, where his love for music was born. Growing up Aaron use to sing along to artist like Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Prince. Influenced by the sound of Chicago soul and MoTown style, which presents an unmistakable gospel sound. At the age of sixteen, Aaron discovered his true talent, rapping; words, rhythms, and rhymes filled his notebooks.
In Aaron’s early career he performed in a few local talent competitions and musicals venues such as; Fat Mans’ Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, Chaser’s, Juss Jokin’, On Cue, College of Lake County, and shows throughout the Midwest, with the group and as well as solo, and was coined the nickname “ADub” because of the double A’s in his name. The usually shy Aaron was able to come to life in his music. He currently goes to open mic nights and sings occasionally at different battles of the bands. Aaron splits his time working on his own music and with a group known as the “Owo Boys“. A.DubTheEngineer does not promote ways to destroy people and communities in many different “hip” punch lines.

“Music is an escape into a world where I can be free to create and mix sounds into something that has meaning. Music allows a world that is filled with individually.” -ADub

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