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A Winged Victory For The Sullen

A Symphony Pathetique (12:41)


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  • Try listening to this in a sensory deprivation tank - they may find only a puddle then they open the tank. A happy puddle.
  • weeping
  • I believe I can float in paradise with in this song...
  • That bass is soooo nice.
  • I want to float through the air with this song. Maybe in the new heaven and new earth I will.
  • heart-rending.
  • this is bliss
  • suddenly...goosebumps!
  • i could live inside this song
  • Makes me want to flyaway----------------soooooooo-------good---------
  • Huge fan of this track
  • I fucking hate how much I fucking love this.
  • makes my heart hurt, in a good way
  • the mind wanders with this sort of music.. nice
  • Wow - that's pretty cool.
  • That warm bass near the end is just great.
  • I drowned myself in this beautiful track
  • ...
  • I see a movie playing in my head when I listen to this.
  • ...there's beauty in sadness too
  • this whole album is the definition of depression I think
  • so good mhmm I feellike the cover floating
  • .
  • Quintessentially Brilliant !
  • this music is a dream
  • Enchanting sounds & peaceful flowing
  • Such wonderful and beautiful arrangement!
  • very nice
  • I could listen to this track endlessly
  • I can't even begin to try and describe all the sentiments this song stirs in me.. It's like a roller coaster ride of emotions.The outstanding SOTL drones, combined with some mesmerizing piano.. The beauty of this gem is truly out of this world. I'm speechless.
  • My God, this is heartbreakingly beautiful. So chuffed to have been sent to such a gem. Cheers, last.fm.
  • Best song of 2011?
  • No words can express...
  • You know those head massagers (they look like an egg whisk with all the wires detached) that make your entire body go limp and hit you with a wave of chills? Right around the six minute mark of this song, that happened. Dear Everything, thank you.
  • True, pure, and transcendent, as is the entire album. Send me to places I can only imagine. This is true art, which stirs the human soul.
  • most beautiful song I've ever heard. the passage just after 4 minutes in is simply incredible.
  • Pure bliss
  • Yep, probably my favourite from the album.
  • I am very lucky right now to have heard this beautiful tune...
  • i don't even have words to describe how beautiful this is. something about the last 3 minutes, especially, just kills me.
  • Oh dios. [2]
  • the great thing about this album and why it is one of my favorites from 2011 is the inability to pick a "best" song, any one of them can have the title.
  • the best song in this album
  • Truly beautiful
  • The sort of track that you only get to hear once every blue moon. I can't actually remember when I heard something that just made me sit back and say, fuck me this is perfect -- who cares, we're here, it's now and it's wonderful!
  • wOw!!
  • Perfect.
  • best enjoyed with red wine by a windowsill in autumn
  • Oh dios.
  • shivers


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