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  • Avatar for jelle_kgb
    Their album scored 9 out of 10 on!
  • Avatar for JackMcFearless
    wsham0, don't compare them.
  • Avatar for wsham0
    > SoTL
  • Avatar for sir-ryry
    I just saw them perform last night. It was absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for yorkism
    I'm blown away. This is even better than Stars of the Lid, and I was so convinced that there was nothing in that 'genre' (even not Hammock) that could be equally good to SOTL, but this is. This is only after two listening sessions my favourite album of the last five years.
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    forgot how good was this summer
  • Avatar for JackMcFearless
    Ordered my London ticket for January! :)
  • Avatar for connorolthuis
    they closed with Fratres by Arvo Part at the toronto show. oh boy
  • Avatar for ciupenhauer
    the golden treat for the patient listener <3
  • Avatar for Cachibubu
    This is pretty damn awesome : ]]]
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    It's snowing in my head and everything is still. [5]
  • Avatar for kuiper_______
    Lovely album. This band is golden.
  • Avatar for ModestFloyd
    It's snowing in my head and everything is still. [4] Probably the most accurate description of this music I've heard so far. Seeing them live in Cincinnati/Newport next Thursday...can't wait
  • Avatar for todayistheday1
    where can I buy a ticket for the philly show?
  • Avatar for whiteclef1
  • Avatar for stevenvenn
    This is a truly lovely thing.
  • Avatar for khz_
    It's snowing in my head and everything is still. [3]
  • Avatar for onedeadmonk
    Minuet For A Cheap Piano Number Two <3
  • Avatar for Bonelesss
    It's snowing in my head and everything is still. [2] superb record.
  • Avatar for NoSkyNoSkyNoSky
    It's snowing in my head and everything is still.
  • Avatar for Berrieworld
    Dustin O'Halloran's solo album 'Lumière' from earlier this year was pretty good, but A Winged Victory for the Sullen simply is wonderful :-) Right in time for autumn!
  • Avatar for vivekananda66
    so very good.
  • Avatar for Povlein
    Neues Museum Nürnberg, 5.10.2011 - I enjoyed your pieces of music and I enjoyed your support Carlos Cipa from Munich, Germany beautiful playing beautiful piano songs. Thank you for the evening.
  • Avatar for OrcaOrkestar
  • Avatar for maleficated
    This is simply spectacular.
  • Avatar for Akiamemoto
    Magnificent! Thanks a lot for this little piece of heaven.
  • Avatar for 3579km
    thank you for this project!
  • Avatar for IreneDecay
    can't wait to see them perform
  • Avatar for neckermanncj
    this and Lumiere are definitely amongst my 2011 favourites [2] I hope this isn't a one and done collaboration either!
  • Avatar for XfnSnow
    Reviewed in my big long journal:
  • Avatar for thewolfisloose
    A short review for this fantastic album here,
  • Avatar for Cachibubu
    This is pretty relaxing <3
  • Avatar for ModestFloyd
    Oh man, they're playing a show near me in November. Album is fantastic.
  • Avatar for Teddeh
    this and Lumiere are definitely amongst my 2011 favourites
  • Avatar for leahtard79
  • Avatar for giggsalot
    this is just about the prettiest shit i've ever heard
  • Avatar for Tamatoy
    Very cinematic artists! :)
  • Avatar for Haihappen_Uhaha
    woho gonna see|hear them tomorrow live
  • Avatar for abl030
    Love the shit out of this album. Everything the SotL guys touch is amazing.
  • Avatar for fastlane01
  • Avatar for gkmy
    Great album, but it took a few listens for me to get into
  • Avatar for Claggy
  • Avatar for maledine
    I'm in love
  • Avatar for buzdehiljadu900
    this.... :,)
  • Avatar for ThisMilkyway
  • Avatar for TristanLR
    Craftsmanship. This is how you do it. AWVFTS more than compensates for the SOTL void. Utterly gorgeous music - beautiful beautiful beautiful.
  • Avatar for BLAST445
  • Avatar for InKursion
    oh god yes.
  • Avatar for Inuzini
    requiem for the static king is my life
  • Avatar for BrianSoph
    really pleasantly surprised with this.


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