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  • Avatar for xvadimhcx
  • Avatar for FuckinEchoes
    AWS is awesome then
  • Avatar for pr0wnage420
    I hate saying their name so I dream of a world where everybody knows what I mean when I say "AWS". Anyway, Partycrasher is legit.
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    Saw them last night. Great performance.
  • Avatar for bloody72
    pozdrowienia ze Śląska dla fanów A Wilhelm Scream
  • Avatar for conditionals
    @PrincessTyphoon [artist]brokenCYDE[/artist]
  • Avatar for mephistoeles
    These guys were simply meant to play together, every instrument in their repertoire fits together like peanut butter on bread.
  • Avatar for Dangle_Himself
    Absolutly wrong Typhoon, it is the best name for a band
  • Avatar for PrincessTyphoon
    That is the absolute worst name for a band that I have ever seen.
  • Avatar for The-Riot-Before
    They always make for a great listen.
  • Avatar for Dusk2099
    gud interview, thnx
  • Avatar for xherojuanax
    Brian explained their long absence in this interview I did here.
  • Avatar for thiago_japa
    Um dos melhores shows de todos <3 / One of the best shows that I ever went!
  • Avatar for paulotavares4
    I love a lot of diferent bands/genres, but no shit can beat tem for sure, the bass, the drums, the guitar riffs, his voice, the fucking awesome lyrics, they beat every other band in every aspect
  • Avatar for macho_nachos
    Absolutely stunning live band
  • Avatar for ricardohrr
    fica cada vez mais claro que a cada álbum que passa o a wilhelm scream melhora o instrumental absurdamente
  • Avatar for Dusk2099
    Come back to canada you cunts. I miss you.
  • Avatar for super-pangolin
    They put out a new album? Well fanFUCKINGtastic, like it wasn't already hard enough to pick a favorite.
  • Avatar for armatageskanks
    Incredible band!
  • Avatar for Dusk2099
    tagged as Yacht rock. you can thank me later.
  • Avatar for Dusk2099 fuck shit dick bastardass thundercunt
  • Avatar for TumblingRambler
    Like all of their albums, partycrasher has grown on me immensely. Definitely up there as one of their best releases, but then again it is hard to pick a favorite.
  • Avatar for DivinityWithin7
    New album is good but not there best work
  • Avatar for ABHORRANCE666
    Partycrasher is a pretty good album. Remind me a bit of Mute Print. Not as good as Career Suicide (best production, energy, and technicality), the 2009 EP, or Ruiner. Its a little less technical or hardcore as the former releases, but its a good punk album nonetheless.
  • Avatar for Lawman_05 Check out my review of Partycrasher
  • Avatar for ooh_boy
    new album is tight and warm vagina of chloe moretz
  • Avatar for Bogatzke
  • Avatar for Lawman_05
    New album is awesome, Really hope they do a UK tour soon
  • Avatar for SJoelzio
    don't come to brazil
  • Avatar for shawnisskatanic
    I fucks with A Wilhelm Scream.
  • Avatar for Sickr
    Great album. A Wilhelm Scream never really disappoint.
  • Avatar for HBnBM
    Check out our review of Partycrasher
  • Avatar for Hypn0tizeR
    Check and rate their albums on Hardcore Database
  • Avatar for Mike_Collie
    Love the new album.
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    New album is as amazing as expected - totally sick :)
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    new album is good
  • Avatar for eds234
    partycrasher is fantastic I remember they mentioned it when they were here in costa rica quite a while ago.
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    These guys are the best melodic hardcore band out there. They strike a perfect balance between post-hardcore, old school hxc, pop-punk, and metal. Purely flawless punk rock.
  • Avatar for klaus-inge
    hard to find words for this. ridiculously good.
  • Avatar for januox
    NEW ALBUM: [album artist=A Wilhelm Scream]Partycrasher[/album]
  • Avatar for The-Riot-Before
    Partycrasher is fantastic!
  • Avatar for Iron_Scarecrow
    Full album stream up.
  • Avatar for TumblingRambler
    New record fucking KILLS
  • Avatar for MrC2000
  • Avatar for papakos
    HERE'S A NEW SONG!!!!:
  • Avatar for xThisisdisaster
    Partycrasher will be amazing.
  • Avatar for cramilo11
    waiting for partycrashers , the best album from the 2013
  • Avatar for papakos
    Finally!! this is going to be awesome!! :-D
  • Avatar for carlos4444
    Release date for new album "Partycrasher": 5th November 2013 CANT FUCKING WAIT! :)
  • Avatar for Lawman_05
    I suppose Under appreciated would be a better term, they deserve to be way more popular. Especially in the UK where loads of people who like Punk don't really listen to them.


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