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  1. Facebook bandcamp
    Formed In: 2011
    Hometown Location: Aurora/Toronto, Ontario
    Genre: Hardcore/Deathcore

    Band Lineup:
    Michael Hewat - Vocals


    From the middle of nowhere, emerging from the small town of Orland in northern California, Every Hand Betrayed has been making a…

  3. Execute The Sinner
    From Canada

    Aimé Duquet : Guitars
    Jean-Michel Cadieux : Vocals
    Philippe Beauchamp : Drums
    Nick Lemmens : Bass

  4. Formed in 2007 Hound of Hades is a Metal band from Northwest Arkansas. The five piece is made up of Joey Birge and Bob Breazeal on guitar,…

  5. The Day Is Ours broke unto the scene mid summer 2010 with a sound that combines bone crunching breakdowns with beautiful melody. With an…

  6. Genre
    Melodic Metal/Metal Core/Metal
    John Moser - Drums
    Paul Duran - Guitar
    Ray McKinnon - Guitar
    Erik Price - Bass/Vocals

  7. ...And Came Back Brutal is the next metal giant out of northern California. Check them out at Facebook.com/andcamebackbrutal

    buy there EP at…

  8. Multiple artists with this name:
    1) Take Charge is a death metal band from Clearwater, FL. 2) Take Charge is a pop/punk band from Va Beach.

  9. A 4 piece deathcore band from Huntington/Morrisvale, WV. They write music that is hard hitting, technical, and aggressive to a point where almost…

  10. Point Below Zero have been around since 2007. In 2012 they have finally released their debut EP!



  11. Hometown : Sunshine Coast/Brisbane, Australia
    Vocals - Stuey Ball
    Guitar - Nick Marshall
    Guitar - Daniel Marshall
    Bass - Todd Price

  12. "When a bunch of friends decided to keep a change in their musical and ethic style of life, born The first Piacenza deathcore band Straight On…

  13. Facebook.com/theoppressor

    The Oppressor is a 5 piece Death Metal/Hardcore act from the Northwest Indiana region.…



    The apocalypse, the eradication of civilization, the end of the world. To…

  15. Impurity Of Myira is a Deathcore Band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They were formed in December of 2009.

    Having influences such as Carnifex,…

  16. After having solidified a line-up, A Night at the Chalet has made quite a name for themselves. Not only has the guitarist John LaVar stopped…

  17. Mummified In Circuitry is a metalcore/deathcore band from Billerica, MA, and is currently signed to Innerstrength Records. They formed from the…

  18. Paradise in Exile is an Australian deathcore band from Perth, Western AU. They formed in 2010 and have so far released a five-track demo entitled…

  19. Current Location : Atlanta, Ga
    Genre : Deathcore/Hardcore

    Members :
    Jake Ferguson: Vocals


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