• ATCQ Top 10 Tracks

    16 Nov 2008, 20:42 by beezer_b

    In honour of Q-Tip finally putting a record out I thought I'd try and write down my top ten A Tribe Called Quest songs. In order. Damn.

    One of my favourite groups ever, who I must have spent as many hours listening to as any other band. Not easy to whittle down to just ten.

    10. Mr. Muhammad
    9. We Can Get Down
    8. Butter
    7. Scenario
    6. Buggin' Out
    5. Can I Kick it (Spirit Mix)
    4. Youthful Expression
    3. Lyrics to Go
    2. If the Papes Come (remix)
    1. Vibes and Stuff

    Vibes and Stuff picks itself. Its always been my favourite Tribe track or at least it has been since if came out. Before that it was If the Papes Come (remix) so at least I've been consistent.

    For the rest I just had to go on which tracks I'm the most hyped to hear when they come on. Looking at the list its a lot of the bassier tracks but I don't tend to think of Tribe having bass like that. At least not compared to EPMD or someone like that. For me, there's only a handful of rap acts that could put up a top ten on this level. …
  • Food and Drink Related Songs

    20 Jun 2008, 05:05 by echa83

    A good title complements a song, they said, but what about a song with food or drink in its title? Have you ever noticed that a song that’s humming in your ears at the moment mentions a food or drink in the title? How many are there, you ask? Apparently, there are a lot of them. So, what's with all these food and drink related songs? What are the stories behind these titles? What does the title mean? Does the title relate to the lyrics? What makes an artist came up with a thought "Uh, Quiche Lorraine sounds cool, why not create a song about it?" (little did I know, it’s actually a song about a pooch and has nothing to do with a certain classic French egg dish), or even with the craziest title you wouldn’t ever think of before, like this one, “The Half-Eaten Sausage Would Like to See You in His Office”? Who would ever think a song with such title really exists? Well, these might be some questions that cross our minds when we find one. …