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A Skylit Drive

Hey Nightmare, Where Did You Get Them Teeth (4:54)


  • <3
  • I LoVe ThiS soNg...<3 EmoCore RuLz
  • n_n love it!!!!
  • aawh <3
  • nice)
  • they played this song last night..wowowowow!
  • this song brings back soo many memories....love it
  • i loooooooove this song
  • bomb song
  • Nice song...))* bla bla blaxD
  • whoa, this song fucking rips
  • A skylit drive is so amazing. I ♥ A skylit drive.
  • A_A so awesome *-*
  • See you people who dont comment the good bands are gay!!!!!!! This song is fucking amazing and no one comments it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This song is awesome!!!!!!!!
  • I love this band soooooo much almost as much as Moooooooooicorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • that a good song!!! yeah!! waaa....q wena rola wey.
  • warum kommt von A Skylit Drive in meiner musiksammlung immer dieses Lied?!
  • blöde werbung >:P das lied gefällt mir
  • nice x)
  • Love it!
  • very good live. agreed
  • fuck my life a love a skylit drive
  • amazing live!
  • 2 days until I see you :D
  • :D :D
  • <3...
  • I luf them <33
  • the singer from bless the fall is the new singer for escape the fate cool track
  • like it!
  • it sounds cool
  • OH!!!....A Skylit Drive!!!... .. i like thiz!
  • <3
  • perfect!
  • haha me2
  • I luv da beep in da beginning of da song =)
  • No on myspace they said craig would not be the singer. Nobody knows who it is yet.
  • The singer from blessthefall is going to be the new singer
  • A Skylit Drive best damn band in world, freakin awesome. That's the shit! <3
  • 28/400 characters used by me
  • gash
  • lovee.
  • <3
  • i love it <3


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