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  • Avatar for Coralineus
    Maynard's a dick. But I absolutely fucking love this song. Or simply put: perfect.
  • Avatar for DeValanten
    Dat rhythm section such a huge wall of sound! Like an avalanche!
  • Avatar for PlzDontBan
    screaming "feed me here fill me up again"
  • Avatar for Gellies
    Maynard can do no wrong!
  • Avatar for gunnys
    Better than Tool I think.
  • Avatar for kirokage
    I wish they would come out with another album.
  • Avatar for ludiludovic
    i ja sam supalj
  • Avatar for DaleSargeant
    best band ever!!! <3
  • Avatar for daveandi
    <3 Maynard <3
  • Avatar for AudioFormation
  • Avatar for AudioFormation
    The deepest song ever
  • Avatar for GuitraboyE115
    Maynard is the best ^_^
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
  • Avatar for larsi76
    Cater to the hollow
  • Avatar for gusterbuster
    My HS days I used to love them, I still do. they will always be my band
  • Avatar for buhog69
    One of my favorite songs by a perfect circle. Yes it reminds me of HS as well. Maybe the only thing good about it.
  • Avatar for pkflyers
    reminds me of HS
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for KChippie1
  • Avatar for whoknoz
    love me some apc
  • Avatar for NuraMurasama
    umm this is a perfect circle right? but maynard rules always
  • Avatar for createeternity
    I feel like Tool defies genre. It's its own thing.
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    <3 Only once? I have thsi on my mp3 and listen to this every day....
  • Avatar for fenix9206
    stunning song *_*
  • Avatar for LeoliCat
    He11Kn1ght, what the hell would you say they are then? Tool are quite clearly proggressive metal.
  • Avatar for xNosaru
    scream and feed meeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • Avatar for Dylandmd
    i wanna see this band or tool live
  • Avatar for He11Kn1ght
    I don't think Tool can be considered Metal.
  • Avatar for ShiverTool
    APC is good, I'll admit that. But Tool is still the best metal band of the 90s and better than all the others since.
  • Avatar for Goodforit
    I love APC! They are amazing live!
  • Avatar for lordegrega
    it's all about the way he sing's the song's
  • Avatar for skank_pit
    Actually, Maynard writes the lyrics. He doesn't write the songs for either band. I'm not saying he doesn't help, but he's not the principal songwriter.
  • Avatar for ShiverTool
    Guys, you know Keenan didn't actually write this song, right? He writes all the stuff for Tool but Billy Howerdell writes APC's stuff. So note his genius on the Tool site. His writing is what makes Tool better.
  • Avatar for IamYureru
    Everything on Mer De Noms was great one of all time favorite albums.
  • Avatar for tbjarnson2
    I'm still crying and I've seen it 4 times. So deep. video has nothing to do with it
  • Avatar for appidydafoo
  • Avatar for xNosaru
    Maynard James Keeenan = Mastermind !! (5)
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Yes Paz is hot. And a great performer. That is missing now.
  • Avatar for xusurper
    All I gotta say is the bass player is hot.
  • Avatar for kurwaaa
    feed me <3
  • Avatar for chlorres
    One of their best song EVER *
  • Avatar for Finnschie
    Maynard James Keeenan = Mastermind !! (4)
  • Avatar for shaneomac1
    my fav
  • Avatar for gothicarmy18
    gosh-darn i love this song! tee-hee-hee
  • Avatar for sweatyteddy1981
    Fav APC song...
  • Avatar for i4thashorties
    ... finally get a good song to listen to, and i can't even enjoy it cuz doesn't buffer songs and the damn thing keeps stopping.. BANDWIDTH HOG!! soooo frustrating..
  • Avatar for abandonedamanda
    this album was amazing. maynard is very talented and poetic.
  • Avatar for lolliXskulls
    Maynard James Keeenan = Mastermind !! (3)
  • Avatar for lattepuffalot
    amazing........makes my day go so much better when i have good music for the day
  • Avatar for BeiCresent
    Best band ive ever heard. I want to go see them live. My number one favorite. <3


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