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  • Avatar for Beanoboo
    Like the bit in the middle.
  • Avatar for RebelGlassZero
  • Avatar for burningcolors
    Love the "unmistakable noise I was hearing" bit from Thomas.
  • Avatar for zero000000000
    he sounds so sickened !!!!
  • Avatar for Oregon_Myst
    @Seberinoid...well, yeah...they're both female, right? :P Seriously, I have to wonder about LFM sometimes.
  • Avatar for Seberinoid
    Britney Spears and Cheryl Cole as similar artists, right? Last FM is certifiably insane.
  • Avatar for whoknoz
    love it, as always
  • Avatar for nkafke
    So simple, yet so good.
  • Avatar for errex666
    pretty bad
  • Avatar for stepherrific
    storytelling at it's best
  • Avatar for lain-luscious
    Took me a while to notice it was a Kalimba
  • Avatar for licoricepizza
    such a powerful little tune
  • Avatar for vocexdelxvuoto
    Could do with being 3-5 minutes longer really. [4] I will give the world to the musician who can make this happen (and well, I should add)
  • Avatar for Bravnat
    I used to not like this song, however I've changed my mind on it
  • Avatar for ItsAlreadyTakin
    Could do with being 3-5 minutes longer really. [3]
  • Avatar for djb314
    if you like A Perfect Circle you can buy their album and right now for only $5!! why? because March is Metal Month on Amazon! check it out:
  • Avatar for AlaNio
    the piano segment is beautiful
  • Avatar for jamesusillxd
    Could do with being 3-5 minutes longer really.
  • Avatar for danmurder
    nice cool
  • Avatar for slickricky55
  • Avatar for emorottie
    About 1:05 ... goes from beautiful to majestic.
  • Avatar for berbang_21
    a perfect circle s perfect!!!!
  • Avatar for Ronny968
    A Perfect Circle...........Great!
  • Avatar for Letipanatieri
    Muiito boom perfect circle é o que ha!
  • Avatar for docrivs
    it's been awhile since i've really jammed to this album... forgot that little african pluck harp in the beginning. that's very cool. it blends well with the vocals. short but sweet.
  • Avatar for berbang_21
  • Avatar for goofydevin
    LOVE this song so much!
  • Avatar for Milaan222
    This isn't RATM ;)
  • Avatar for nic0m
    xylophone or vibraphone or something like that. dunno. for sure its the wooden one, im just not sure which one is it.
  • Avatar for wtf_mate409
    Anyone know what that instrument at the beginning is? It sounds kind of like a mouth harp. Gorgeous little song, whatever it is :)
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Simple and perfect.
  • Avatar for slinter
    summons your soul from your ass
  • Avatar for OliSoCrveniGaki
    I feel like it summons my soul
  • Avatar for happywjs
  • Avatar for fuss73
    buch buch:)
  • Avatar for Kimberly-Jade
    So beautiful. Maynard <3
  • Avatar for neosolipsism
    Depressing, but beautiful. Crazy how they catch every breath in the vocals.
  • Avatar for 2coolqueenie
    love maynard´s voice
  • Avatar for dr_6
  • Avatar for papa-piti
  • Avatar for Pamela_
    amazing <333
  • Avatar for ozandogan
    everytime interesting sound!!!
  • Avatar for elevensoul
    i think the whole album is a love cycle/circle and this is the beginning/end of it. i was so obssesed with this album when it came out, listened to it exclusively for about 3 months
  • Avatar for BONESCHICHI
    yeah chillout
  • Avatar for austisrocker
    So cool ending for an album that has been my favourite for quite a while....
  • Avatar for sylphie_elphie
    The first time I heard the ending through headphones it scared the living shit out of me, hahaha
  • Avatar for Arielbla
  • Avatar for Mizaro
    Great band! Such a sensitivity!
  • Avatar for jazmino
  • Avatar for rarte
    a perfect circle, a perfect band!!!!!!!!! the number one always.......


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