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  • Avatar for ProgClow
    I've lost my self control
  • Avatar for kamooo
    "One taste of you my Magdalena"
  • Avatar for ferociousdanny
    Not unlike some pure concentrated passionate Deftones tracks bordering on mania - no, steeped deep in mania.
  • Avatar for progbro
    Dripping with pure, concentrated, passion.
  • Avatar for ThereThere77
    I'd sell my soul ... my self esteem... to see another APC album
  • Avatar for Dunkelheit1369
    This song is just *dripping* with sex...
  • Avatar for DaiTheFlu_
    awesome atmosphere. the solo makes it perfect
  • Avatar for Penvmbra
    That bass line...
  • Avatar for jagodkka
    My song. Love it.
  • Avatar for natalielala
    Reminds me so much of Failure...
  • Avatar for Kivul
    dat solo!
  • Avatar for Deadstar7
    great one
  • Avatar for aldanamartin
    one taste of you my magdalenaaaaaaaaa
  • Avatar for darkodeath
    So pure, so rare...
  • Avatar for Ezekiel22
    Great album.
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    Damn, this song is so beautiful.
  • Avatar for Protenor
    Not sure someone has mentioned this yet, but this definitely references a famous part in Proust's "In search of the lost time" where he bites into a Magdalena, a French type of pastry and the taste brings back a whole universe of memories and a very special feeling
  • Avatar for cbMonK
    you know. you know.
  • Avatar for Taiteki
    I love this album, and it saw heavy rotation during a weird time in my life. To this day, I feel happy and sad simultaneously when I listen to it. Fire and ice.
  • Avatar for gabystarlight
    How could anyone call this song 'meh'? I guess they must have accidentally muted their speakers... [2]
  • Avatar for abunono
    The Swede lives in harmony with nature. So he builds a lot of small nuclear power plants. In winter it hunts like bear or goes into furniture store. Then he drowns his sorrows with lots of booze. To cheer up again then he counts his money, and dyeable his hair blond. In summary: Is a bit schizophrenic.
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    Ahhh one taste of you, my magdalena.. :)
  • Avatar for Rhyme79
    I think this is my favourite Perfect Circle track, currently anyway because my favourites always tend to change. The verses are a bit Cobain-esque don't you think?
  • Avatar for Rockofages32
    one of their best
  • Avatar for Shadys321
    not bad
  • Avatar for davidbowiegirl
    Good song
  • Avatar for whoknoz
    awesome, as always
  • Avatar for satedmidget
    As much of a maynard whore as I am, I've found it hard to enjoy APC - this however, is awesome
  • Avatar for Drakeslust
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Love singing this one, powerful vocals throughout. Great for bass and guitar too.
  • Avatar for Pellkoppf
  • Avatar for LeoliCat
    How could anyone call this song 'meh'? I guess they must have accidentally muted their speakers...
  • Avatar for gpsonar
    the lyrics are so awesome in this song. one of my favorite PC songs
  • Avatar for ibghastly
    always good shit
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    Never ages. Tribute song to my ex-girlfriend K.
  • Avatar for KConn3711
    Hermit like ....HERMIT APPROVED!
  • Avatar for niceverdict
    such therapy for anguished soul.
  • Avatar for IColdEmbraceI
    Meh ... It's meh
  • Avatar for KConn3711
    agree with Foggster below
  • Avatar for Foggster
    best on this album...
  • Avatar for errex666
    fuck year
  • Avatar for bdean97
    One dollar at a time
  • Avatar for jpeiper
    :) This always works.
  • Avatar for ferraristipit
    better from listening to listening
  • Avatar for Goodforit
    APC <3
  • Avatar for KChippie1
  • Avatar for zero000000000
    a dollar at a time
  • Avatar for fariborz69
  • Avatar for jirala
    one of the strippin'-est songs i've ever heard! i can't listen to this song in public view...(blushing delicately ;))
  • Avatar for mojopin95
    Awesome bass, yeah.


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