• A list of every band ever (vol. 1)

    4 Apr 2014, 21:25 by celer2008

    In November 2009 I had an idea to listen to bands with names beginning with the article A for a whole week. That week turned into two weeks as I found more albums such bands and soon enough it consumed the whole month. It was such a blast listening to these weirdly titled, sometimes quirky, sometimes god-awful bands that I repeated it in 2010, then again in 2011 and 2012 until in the second week of November 2013 I had had enough.
    This is the list of the 960 such bands I had managed to find, listen to and scrobble. The list should be over 1K but for some reason last.fm doesn't show them all in my library. I also have a text file with links to last.fm pages of twice as many more such bands that I haven't gotten around to. When I first started I wished and googled for just such a list but found none. So now, finally, I'm going to post my own.
    In November 2009 when I began this quest I had no idea that there were thousands upon thousands of bands named in this fashion. …
  • god help you dumb boy

    7 Aug 2007, 04:53 by cogsturning

    for a long time, ever since i was little really, id really liked carnivals. not so much the sickening and less-than-trustworthy food or the life-threatening rusty rides but more the romantic image of them. like old fashioned stuff. theres just something about it. and part of that has been the music, or any music that brings about a similar old fashioned image. i never really pursued it tho, it was kind of a closet interest. maybe i didnt think id find anything, maybe i wasnt sure how to look, maybe i thought it was too weird. i dunno.

    but i decided that this here is the interwebs and i can find anything. so i put my faith in the people of last.fm (many of whom tag things terribly) to find some new stuff. i searched user tags for 'circus' (and also found 'dark circus') and from there 'cabaret' (and thus 'dark cabaret') and somehow i ended up with 'gypsy'. i didnt put all my faith here tho, but also in demonoid. people who put descriptions in thier uploads rule.

  • Wake up, wake up, don't swallow the pill

    23 Apr 2007, 06:52 by mandee_jayne

    List your top 20 artists, then compare your favourite song of theirs to what number it is on the last.fm artist page charts.

    1. The Dresden Dolls
    The Perfect Fit

    2. Jaggery

    3. Humanwine
    #13 this week, but the album is too new so it's non-existent on big list, except Pique (live) down at #40

    4. Ladytron
    Destroy Everything You Touch

    5. Client
    The Chill of October

    6. Emilie Autumn

    7. Regina Spektor
    Apres Moi

    8. Pretty Balanced
    My Mind Is a Box and Genuinely Bad (it's honestly a tie, I love My Mind in a Box, but Genuinely Bad makes me very emotional, they're both so amazing)
    #1 and #2

    9. Rasputina
    State Fair (though it's the Tweaker Ambient Remix that I'm in love with, and the one on the list doesn't have the remix listed)

    10. Switchblade Symphony
    Gutter Glitter

    11. The Gathering

    12. Morgan Grace
    Nice Day

    13. Cake Bake Betty
    The Charge (Knockturnul)

    14. Denali
  • Now you see me getting better, I'm right here on display

    17 Mar 2007, 00:28 by mandee_jayne

    First, make a list of your top-20 artists overall. Then, for each of these artists, add the 5 most similar artists to your list. Delete any duplicates, count up the number of entries on your list and this will give you some idea of how eclectic your listening habits are. A score of 6 represents an extremely unvaried musical taste while a 120 represents an extremely varied one.

    1. The Dresden Dolls
    2. Jaggery
    3. Ladytron
    4. Emilie Autumn
    5. Client
    6. Regina Spektor
    7. Rasputina
    8. Pretty Balanced
    9. Switchblade Symphony
    10. Morgan Grace
    11. Denali
    12. Pony Up!
    13. A Particularly Vicious Rumor
    14. Darling Violetta
    15. Cranes
    16. Humanwine
    17. Victory At Sea
    18. Vox Vermillion
    19. Matson Jones
    20. The Gathering frick...tied with Flyleaf and only one above The Trucks. Oh well, I'm listening to The Gathering right now, so it will be my 20th I suppose.

    I've decided I'm only going to tag the similar artists if I like/listen to them as well and they're not on the list above. …
  • Miss me, miss me, now you gotta kiss me...

    16 Jan 2007, 01:45 by mandee_jayne

    I have returned with a weekly chart rambling! Yes, I know, you missed me :P

    I would have done one last week, except I had no chart to speak of! I only had one day of scrobbling for the previous week, and that was the day after I got Jaggery's brand new and first ever full-length CD :D So of course I listened to it that whole day, adding up 168 plays. It was the only thing on last week's chart because then I went away for a week to New Orleans on a work trip with my church group.

    But there's a bit more variety this week :)

    1. Jaggery
    Surprise surprise. #1 :) Listened to them constantly after I got back from New Orleans too. 241 plays for them last week, and still not sick of them! Their music is just too beautiful and dark and haunting.

    2. Victory At Sea
    For Christmas, my friend Rebekah got me a couple Victory at Sea CDs that were on my Amazon wish list. Pandora played them for me and I do like them a great deal. She's got a real low voice too, like Amanda Palmer, but the music is different…
  • It won't ever stop, it won't ever stop...

    27 Dec 2006, 18:04 by mandee_jayne

    So I'm at work, not my internship because I never have to go back there again!, but my church office job. Nobody's here, because technically the building's not open, but my office manager said I could get a few hours in this week if I wanted. Though really, I don't want anymore, not unless Madeline shows up any time soon. It's not fun alone. It's not bad but I'm kinda bored, folding brochures and updating addresses in the computer. So I'm doing this instead!

    I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to mention Beauty is an absolutely amazing song, and I don't think I listen to it enough. It's playing right now. It's exactly as the title would imply.

    So this week I've also embarked on the impossible task of making CDs out of all the music I have on my computer. I haven't done this in FOREVER. There is so much built up. I think I have like 20 CDs to make. It was so hard shuffling all my songs, figuring out what goes with what, and what will fit on that CD, and yes, I like to match them with how much I like them. …
  • Last ever bored at internship weekly review!

    19 Dec 2006, 17:14 by mandee_jayne

    So I'm officially a college graduate. I've got a website yet to make, no big deal, but what I'm more excited about is that this is my last full day of being bored at my internship! I've got 3 hours on Thursday still, but that'll be just cleaning up and whatnot. Anyway, so this is the last time I'll be whining while I post my weekly artists, and my last regular, every Tuesday thing. I'll only be posting when I'm bored from home, which might still be a lot since I have no life, and soon I'll have no homework and only two jobs instead of three! But we shall see. I just can't wait to be done with this fucking place!! Anyway, onto this week's music...

    1. Denali
    Pandora introduced me to Ambulette, Denali's singer's new band, and I went back and found some Denali early this week and fell in love. They should have had more plays but I had a couple computer issues last week that caused my computer to shut itself down, and when it restarted, my last. …
  • Top five sprinkled with a little APVR love

    12 Dec 2006, 16:57 by mandee_jayne

    I almost didn't feel like writing this weeks because it's so much the same as last weeks, very electronica-heavy and then drops drastically to stuff that just played from being on random in my "current favorites" playlist. So I may likely not get through the whole list.

    1. Client
    Still listening to them obsessively, finding more songs I really like other than just the main 4 gorgeous songs I previously mentioned. I've also just begun an obsession with Dance Dance Revolution, last night was my 2nd time playing, so I'm really liking more dance music lately. I also want to go out to clubs but my friend I would go dancing with isn't 21 and the clubs she can get into apparently aren't as fun.

    2. Ladytron
    And dropping way down, but still pretty high (50 compared to Client's 130...both even numbers, weird) comes more dance-y stuff I'm obsessed with. I found them earlier, so I don't listen to them as much currently, but I still love them and play them by choice instead of just on random. …
  • Happy Halloween!

    31 Oct 2006, 18:23 by mandee_jayne

    So, this is going to be a long entry; you are warned! I've got weekly chart musings, as well as a Halloween recap for ya'll. I figured I'd post my Halloween pictures since my costume was music related after all, and then I'll throw in some pictures of my brand new hair at the end just for the hell of it (it's streaked bright red!!)

    Onto the music...

    1. Switchblade Symphony
    Switchblade Symphony kicked ass in my weekly charts with 211 listens. They even jumped up to #5 overall, beating out Regina! I recently re-discovered how awesome they are when I thought hey, Madeline would really like this, I should find more and then make her a CD! So that's what I did, and I listened to it a ton to get into the Halloween spirit :) But really just because I like it a ton! So dark and pretty, but mixed with electronics, I love that.

    2. A Particularly Vicious Rumor
    They got a lot of play earlier in the week because of the recently acquired CD. …
  • Weekly-bored-at-work chart musings

    24 Oct 2006, 16:24 by mandee_jayne

    So my charts are screwed up majorly because of a few things. First, the Regina Spektor concert Tuesday! And of course, The Dresden Dolls concert Thursday! Man that was an amazing fucking week. Anyway, it didn't leave too much time for listening. Also, I got a couple new CDs from CDbaby, and that's basically all I was listening to. Except I misspelled A Particularly Vicious Rumor when I was typing it in. Sucky. But yeah. Here's what I've got to work with.

    1. Fluttr Effect
    I'm really glad I actually like them so much. I was a little nervous that they would be two loud and rockish for me (but for some reason I bought both their CDs anyway) but I really, really like them! They are a little rockish, but some of their stuff is really pretty too. I need to get to know them better though before I can name any favorites or anything.

    2. A Particularly Vicious Rumor
    Well it's supposed to be anyway but I spelled it wrong. But anyway…