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  • Avatar for sraahjean
    i haven't listened to them in like 10 years but a lyric randomly popped into my head yesterday and i was like ??? so i googled it and wasl ike OH MY GOD OH YEAH
  • Avatar for xlkmx
    If anyone still has 'How It Feels To Be Alone' in good quality (not YouTube), please message me. I've had all their old stuff but lost it :(
  • Avatar for emma-victoria
    soooooooo good! :)
  • Avatar for RealityinaDream
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    they were good
  • Avatar for phoenixsinger93
    They opened for Adolescents and Bleeding Through? Really?
  • Avatar for TheRamenDon
    Do you know how it feels to be alone?
  • Avatar for TheRamenDon
    I loved the way you looked inside your red dress. <3
  • Avatar for TheRamenDon
    ...Too freaking amazing. <3
  • Avatar for Rightofheresy
    anyone have the demo btw with slit your wrists and pray and stuff?
  • Avatar for Rightofheresy
    I remember being fourteen and fingering girls in vfws
  • Avatar for nacyby
  • Avatar for N1kyDr3w
    woooooooooooa i like this song <3<3<3<3
  • Avatar for nacyby
    i want them to performance together again, as they were before ;< [2]
  • Avatar for mekyo
    i want them to performance together again, as they were before ;<
  • Avatar for MyHeadOnAPlate
    All I can think of is TBS when I hear these guys.
  • Avatar for greenman18
    Yeah go check out Call the Cops! Its got Justin and I think Will in it, and they are awesome
  • Avatar for dannylovex
    they broke up years ago and are all now in different bands and stuff. sorry everyone!
  • Avatar for LisaDmit
    одни из самых любимых))
  • Avatar for Muriloribeiro
  • Avatar for hushzie
    <33 very nice music
  • Avatar for useless-
    one of the most underrated bands ever.
  • Avatar for Malvagio9113
    I wanna a new album! :(
  • Avatar for theNamelessgirl
    What happened with them? Where the hell are they? :(
  • Avatar for JimPanse2k5
    is AHE dead? there my space site is down....
  • Avatar for RampageGhost
    nostalgic guilty pleasure. [2]
  • Avatar for Malvagio9113
    If looks could kill you'd be a murder <3
  • Avatar for hotpinkandlime
    i love these guys as Call The Cops! :) but i do still miss them as AHWE <3
  • Avatar for windismystylist
    I'd love to see them! come to Warsaw boys! :D
  • Avatar for UnwrittenRage
    saw these guys as call the cops and they still kick ass. Keep it up
  • Avatar for hotpinkandlime
    cant wait for the ep as Call The Cops!
  • Avatar for bethhhomocide
    Yeah, their EP is amazing, Slit Your Wrists and Pray, Highschool Proms Are For Assholes, How It Feels To Be Alone, If Looks Could Kill, Random Words On A Particular Subject. Amazing tunes, and I listen to DnB!
  • Avatar for hotpinkandlime
    i head one of their new songs from "call the cops" and it was awesome! i cant wait til they record and ep or something!
  • Avatar for weareallok
    So yea, anyone who heard the EP with like 6 or so tracks on it ( i still have copies :) ) knows that this band was WAY EPIC as a 3 piece, the music was put together better, and the vocals were waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more refined. somewhere along the line, the singer got an ego fuck or something, and he decided to start singing through his nasal passages. SO, if yo can find the tracks from the EP, Slit your wrists and pray, give up to give in, if looks could kill, highschool proms are for assholes, all eyes on me, and .... and............ theres more.... check frostwire, you can find the original ep tracks. some of the ones here ARE from that EP, like if looks could kill. one of them actually was improved through mixing, and i think that one is slit your wrists. but yea, i was upset when i heard the album at launch. i knew it was a FAIL. oh well. onto new things ya know. im gonna go check out that band she mentioned below.
  • Avatar for xbrokenstar
    Call the cops is one of the new bands.
  • Avatar for MusicIsLife12
    This Band was amazing. They had to quit. Whats the new band??
  • Avatar for alexxandrad
    soo why did they quit? i'm out of the loop ]:
  • Avatar for Emotasticness
    whats the new band
  • Avatar for DanielBurns11
    Even acknowledging their crimes against fashion, this band is sorely underrated.
  • Avatar for lightthedolphin
    love this band...... hope new band is as good as this... love the song memory
  • Avatar for hotpinkandlime
    i know, me too. i hope its just as good or better.
  • Avatar for Crazyliquid
    RIP. ..curious about new band..
  • Avatar for hotpinkandlime
    so did anyone else hear that their calling it quits and starting a new band?
  • Avatar for useless-
    i agree with chadipoo. :/
  • Avatar for yOne182
    "loooool @ the tags" yeeeaaah emomirco. amazing tags xDDDD AHE my fave band! (L)
  • Avatar for Drop_dead13
  • Avatar for CyanideSunset
    Well...They have really nice lyrics from what I've seen. I can't say I care for the vocals. They sound 'stressed' as if they vocalists didn't practice enough before singing. I really noticed that in 'If Looks Could Kill'.
  • Avatar for knifeprty_
    a <3well ending rules *-*
  • Avatar for timxc800
  • Avatar for eltonrhcp


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