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  • Avatar for hudgie
    Dreaming of You
  • Avatar for nelsonj9
    finleys rainbow is the one.
  • Avatar for wolfdontlikeme
    "Groove Of The Ghetto"
  • Avatar for HaHaHaYoureDead
    автор одного хита, но это одна из моих любимейших песен всех времен
  • Avatar for polymorphous71
    "How Long Is Now" is very nice. [2]
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    "How Long Is Now" is very nice.
  • Avatar for biohzdr
    Hacienda :))
  • Avatar for Trainspotting00
    The Track is great but man nothing beats Universe 2000.
  • Avatar for ChuffyChuffnell
  • Avatar for beefandrootbeer
    caustic13 otm
  • Avatar for caustic13
    wtf people, come on! Black Secret Technology ! !!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111oneoneone
  • Avatar for jayctidgee
    The Last Tree cant find anyone heard of it? Love this musik
  • Avatar for xixatushka
    strangest changes!!!! <3
  • Avatar for evol1986
  • Avatar for Futin
    And another killer set from the Grandmaster:
  • Avatar for MrMario1
  • Avatar for waxear
    Tronic Jazz The Berlin Sessions kicks serious arse. Can't but love that fat pumping sound and jumping VU-needles.
  • Avatar for gojiro13
    Ah, the jacking zone.
  • Avatar for JohnyChhet
  • Avatar for sundirge
    unbelievably fucking good set at bangface, possibly the best i saw the whole weekend.
  • Avatar for t0mekk
    "Essence" is tottaly awesome album. I wish today artists make such great work
  • Avatar for theleft
  • Avatar for polymorphous71
    He rocked it at Fabric on Saturday.
  • Avatar for CodeQ
    Voodoo Ray!
  • Avatar for Doberman27
    Voodoo voodoo voodoo ray !
  • Avatar for Cherry_Blo
    и все таки похожих на него НЕТ!)
  • Avatar for wetelectric
    Great stuff, could to see this stuff still going
  • Avatar for optimistic_tour
  • Avatar for Bln-Fm
    Win Guestlist for A Guy Called Gerald @ WMF Berlin on our Website!
  • Avatar for Noraa_Selim
    Amazing guy! Great tunes!
  • Avatar for RaggaR
    The Flow Festival 09 gig at Helsinki was truly something special! Two hours of old acid house, detroit techno and even a one hour long drum and bass session! Everyone went nuts when he finally played Voodoo Ray!! Thank you Gerald!
  • Avatar for Valentyna15
    mmmmmmmm so goooood , beautiful !
  • Avatar for tinosoft89, para los que les agrada disfrutar de una buena bebida leyendo en su sala de estar...
  • Avatar for TheNarratorX
    Automanikk. ;)
  • Avatar for war3n3xt
    just got proto acid!!! :D great sound :D
  • Avatar for imbissdoener23
    your set @ Alte Börse was legend!
  • Avatar for subliminal_aura
    "Hot Lemonade:) " where can i download this album in lossles flac (ripped properly with cuesheet & log). ive been after it for awhile. i would buy it but in my area i cant find a shop that sells it =(
  • Avatar for barcel0na1968
    Hot Lemonade:)
  • Avatar for whatd0y0uw4nt
    GeRaLd is one in a million.
  • Avatar for clark_
  • Avatar for bradsa
  • Avatar for JPollocksno5
    Specific Hate is worth tracking down, too. On FX?
  • Avatar for NewYorkTaxi1983
    escape, rhapsody in acid and blow your house down. are a few of AGCG's great masterpieces.
  • Avatar for gupolowy_dziwak
    GTA SA ! :D that's right baby .
  • Avatar for NewYorkTaxi1983
    voodoo voodoo ray ray. what a tune!!!!
  • Avatar for adidaskiller
    thats what i'm lookin' for...
  • Avatar for mrbenmagik
    The bloke is a genius. Incredible talent.
  • Avatar for fr0st003
    It is all about "Black Secret Technology".
  • Avatar for aero_sound
    Knew him years ago when I bought his Essence released on !K7. Then, I did listen 2 set recordings by him years later through internet and that was all, I just forgot to want more about his productions. Today, I've found the old 1999 single of Fever with those 2 remixes by Ninjaboy and Black Dog, and I think I should come back to some of his releases =]
  • Avatar for grikis
    Rhythm of life!


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