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A Fine Frenzy

Ashes and Wine (4:20)


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  • Lovely.
  • masterpiece
  • amazing beautiful and ssd song!
  • ♥ her voice!
  • How surprising .. thanks Ron ...
  • I've got no claim on you now...
  • Never heard of her in anyway and idk why she's on my last.fm but this song is pretty nice.
  • oh, oh, WWWWWOW (in soft whisper). This is great! I was lost in the moment.
  • Fucking love this song :(
  • can still move me to tears
  • or are we ashes and wine? ♥
  • This is a hidden jewel! love the down tempo beat too.
  • is there a chance you may change your mind. or are we ashes and wine?
  • was this song on The Vampire Diaries or why all the teens who have never heard before AFF love this? :o anyway i love this too,not because of TVD :)
  • everyday my world opens more to the sound of new music
  • beautiful girl with a beautiful voice.. and this song? well, it kind of breaks my heart a little..
  • she's so beautiful <3
  • That voice is amazing and the more I listen to this song the more I begin to appreciate the key strokes of the piano in this piece.
  • Mitten in der Nacht verkatert auf Ottos Balkon den Sternen zugucken!
  • This song breaks my heart so much.. :o(
  • ♥ magical♥
  • :o(
  • found this song on pandora and I'm loving it ♥ ♥ ♥
  • I am fast starting to love all their songs, so deep
  • ripped my heart out :( it's THAT good
  • Awesome. Great all the way: writing, singing, instruments, production. Top Notch.
  • Lots of very talented girl artists at present but this one is a bit special! Absolutely adorable.
  • ♥ Absolutely beautiful and heartbreaking.
  • i'm ill with the thought of your kiss; coffee-laced, intoxicating on her lips. <3
  • my love life can be defined by this...ashes and wine..OR dust and cheap liquor;p
  • She's so young, and already so excellent. Wow... both the singing and the writing. Really exceptional.
  • I love this song so much.
  • i play this song too much.
  • wow she is so great, so lovely , wonderful, so exquisite I really, really love her sound, her piano playing is fantastic, it is so wonderful she is like a classical pianist, it would be amazing to put her in the classical pianist category!For Sensual Piano, Soulful voice check out www.last.fm/music/Emma+K+Spence/The+Piano+Sessions
  • She has a great voice!
  • Got her album...LOVE IT! I put in on and everything just seems lighter...lovely voice:)
  • What a voice, makes you melt
  • i love it
  • heavenly song. :*
  • quack!
  • So pretty.
  • awesome!!!
  • Love it. . . :)
  • i like her voice so much!
  • It's EXACTLY how I feel right now
  • nice song,i heard it first @ one tree hill
  • such a strong, angelic voice.
  • she is so talented her lyrics are amazing and she sings so emotional I love this song


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