• Artists you should know about. [UPDATED 6/25]

    21. Jun. 2007, 21:09 von plasticsoldiers

    If you know anything about me, you know I never just touch one genre. I like all kinds of shit, so I hope you opened this entry with an open mind!

    The Higher: I went on a trip to a lake...somewhere in Oklahoma, and while I was there, I basically sat around and watched Fuse the whole time [I'm clearly not the outdoor type.] While watching it rather early one morning, I saw the video for "Insurance?". I didn't instantly fall in love with it, but I did like it. After hearing it a few more times I really grew to love it. The Higher have a very interesting sound. They have to...they came from Vegas. They rep Sin City pretty well, if I do say so myself.

    Red: I heard about them through my friend Mike, and I just saw them a couple days ago. Even though it was hot as hell out and the sound went out a few times, they played a hell of a show. Check out their MySpace. I recommend the song "Let Go". I respected them a lot more when I found out they were a Christian rock band. …