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  • Avatar for kdanco
    The best mathcore band ive heard in a long time, sounds like SYNT
  • Avatar for KuroInu_desuka
    does it hurt to be dead? [2]
  • Avatar for Scott2169
    Puts a smile on my face everytime
  • Avatar for iiivvvaaannn
  • Avatar for gghhhate
    does it hurt to be dead?
  • Avatar for l_Poison_l
    Holy fuck.
  • Avatar for Reanimania
    diggin it
  • Avatar for bloozclooz
    this is a breaking awesome song
  • Avatar for JazziieJeopardy
    not bad.
  • Avatar for subtruth
    It doesn't, of course.
  • Avatar for martynubbler
    wesnileRx your answer is cholera
  • Avatar for WesnileRx
    That "does it hurt to be dead" is used in like 2 other songs one band I know is my bitter end...not sure who used it first and don't know what it's from but it sure as fuck makes me wonder if it does hurt to be dead.
  • Avatar for xBr00DiLx
    Does it hurt to be dead?
  • Avatar for zachyyyy
    @samewwel. quit coming here if you don't like it. PUSSY!
  • Avatar for deanapii
    Verrrrry Nice
  • Avatar for zachyyyy
    epic freakcore. makes me smile. a lot :D
  • Avatar for JCCAKES
    vSomeone is jealousv
  • Avatar for Buschkaka_Basti
  • Avatar for xkaylaisedgex
    So much love for them.
  • Avatar for ksmi55
    does it hurt to be dead?
  • Avatar for Acepholis
    At one point all I heard was raerkakfmfdskafksdfmdafm!!!! And I aint high or intoxicated...
  • Avatar for BREET916
    This band is hella good..his singing vox could be better tho
  • Avatar for thepopesmokes
    Cut the last 40 seconds off. [2]
  • Avatar for RapeTheCorpse
    wow this song is amazing
  • Avatar for brutalpanda666
    I liked this song, the end actually made it for me.
  • Avatar for LuciferSaint
    he cant do light vocals for shit!
  • Avatar for deathcoreD123
  • Avatar for maccabmthfan
  • Avatar for plothead31
    haha the end HA
  • Avatar for Screamomanisgod
    Fuckin love this band
  • Avatar for XxKOTAHxX
    Cut the last 40 seconds off.
  • Avatar for AJDT
    Everything they do is flawless.
  • Avatar for vap0rvap0r
    im gay
  • Avatar for blainetimmons
    wow the song went to shit at the end
  • Avatar for dark1988
    This was fucking recommended to me by NO thank you.
  • Avatar for xSmoochyx
    This band is incredible.
  • Avatar for mTsHeLl
    DEAD IS NICE!!!!!!!! ........YES.....IT KINDA HURTS
  • Avatar for funrl4magchippo
  • Avatar for FrankTea
    Tss tss tss tss tss - that's a crash cymbal.
  • Avatar for Vega132
    I love this band! Though I like some of their other songs better
  • Avatar for deathcorejessie
    does it hurt to be dead??? fuckin sick
  • Avatar for ThrowDiamonds
    love the song, but the end is shit.
  • Avatar for lowstar00
  • Avatar for bikerfrey
    fucking perfect song
  • Avatar for RIDE_BMX
  • Avatar for cpfluffington
    Skip the last 35ish seconds. They are disappointing.
  • Avatar for supersatanic
    genial !!!! great vocal
  • Avatar for gutGodzilla
  • Avatar for xLemY
    Miam. x)
  • Avatar for rezgrind
    i like


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