• 35 Years of Best Albums - 1978

    16 Mar 2007, 01:30 by smastroyin

    1978 is going to be a quick year. 1978 was traumatic enough as a kid. My family moved so I lost all of my young childhood friends. The Red Sox collapsed which didn't mean as much to me when I was 6 as it did when I was 16, but it was still there, casting a pall over the year.

    There was some good music, even in discoland, so let's get to it.

    5. Saturday Night Fever

    Yes, it's disco. Yes, it has John Travolta in his all-too familiar pose on the cover. Yes, it is mostly by the disco-era Bee Gees. Yes, it is the defining album of America's most embarrassing music scene ever. But sometimes you just have to look back and appreciate the cheese. And as far as cheese goes, this is like a fine unpasteurized Camembert that you find in some out of the way cafe in Provence. It's just right near the top of the world as far as cheesiness goes, especially when you consider that at the time it was made as a serious album for a serious genre.

    4. Van Halen