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With their debut album "8-Bit Diagrams" now available, hip hop quartet The 8-Bit Boys aim to re-purpose Nintendo nostalgia for an innovative, accessible new sound. Self-identified Nerdcore rappers, The 8-Bit Boys united in early 2008, in hopes of reaching audiences' hearts by retreading classic N.E.S. soundtracks as a backbone for their unique and inviting brand of hip hop.

Although Nerdcore rap has existed for some time (arguably, since MC Frontalot put a label on the style with his single, "Nerdcore Hip Hop" of 2000), the broad array of intimidating subject matters (computer programming and hacking, quantum physics among others) and general tendency toward novice production value has kept the genre from gaining its due share of mainstream attention. The 8-Bit Boys Want to go further than the playlist at the next L.A.N. Party, however, with savvy production and dexterous vocals, and have set their target audience considerably wider than that of their their predecessors, extending a vigorous invitation to anyone who has hummed along with Super Mario Brothers, Tetris and Castlevania.

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