• A review of Don't Push The Rocks in my Face, by 7oi

    30 Jun 2009, 23:53 by Drewmanschu

    7oi is the moniker of jói. A native of Reykjavik, Iceland who possesses what most electronic musicians don't have. Which is creativity, talent, and above all else Originality. He truly has comprised many albums that I would classify as works of art. I came upon his music just browsing the music of Iceland on the music website And to my surprise I came upon his website. When I noticed a free download of one of his unreleased albums, I thought it was worth a shot, and boy was it worth a million shots, maybe even two million. Then I came across his elegant and incredibly composed album "Don't Push the Rocks in my Face". He came across the name 7oi playing with a calculator trying to form his name with numbers and letters and then, his music career was born. I normally don't have a lot to talk about when it comes to a music review but there is so much to cover with the album "Don't Push the Rocks in my Face". It is a soundscape unlike any other that I've heard. …