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Correct tag !!!: 七三式

七三式 / Shichisanshiki / 73Shiki is a japanese visual indies band with a pretty unique approach to both their music and costumes. They play upbeat rock music and the songs usually consist of catchy rhythms and melodies, sometimes a bit jazz inspired and the guitars are often on the foreground playing fast solos.
In February 2004, the guitarist Dye and vocalist 愛歌 (Aika) decided to form a new band. Dye contacted 飛翔 (Sho), with who he had been playing before and he was recruited as the bassist of the band. CHAMA joined as the second guitarist and 亞輝 (Aki) as drummer. The line-up was complete now, consisting of five talented and very experienced members.
In June they had their first performances and their first release followed shortly after. 2005 started for the band with various performances, mostly at big events. Shortly after in July, Dye left the band. Then in March 2006, another member left the band, this time 亞輝, but currently they've replaced him with a new drummer, とーき (Toki).

However, they're currently on a break/hiatus as of the end of this year.

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