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  • Avatar for KoorcDTEF
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    i think this can be defined as orgasmcore
  • Avatar for DarkMogwai
    I assume their motto is unpredictability...
  • Avatar for T-tone
    This is one of "my recommendations" even though I've never heard them before. I guess the explanation is in the common denominator of tags - since I love mono, mogwai, godspeed, etc. | this is an interesting blend of post-rock and, I don't know...something. I think I'll go check em out live at the Avalon next month...
  • Avatar for gazebo2008
    oh come on!!! this is my favourite live track!
  • Avatar for alrey
  • Avatar for Winteruk1
    Where'd my foot go?
  • Avatar for EternalExodus
    fantastic. <3
  • Avatar for withatwist_
    great drums, i love it
  • Avatar for Ataraxiaa
    Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!! It is rather superb! =)
  • Avatar for CeeRex
    I want this song to play every time someone tries to mess with me
  • Avatar for Oakland23
    Love that snare pattern.
  • Avatar for LucPic
    an army of synchronized sound marching in step to explode in you face, wicked
  • Avatar for OmeOmy
  • Avatar for late2early
    it's good.. but not that really blablab as everybody describes it..
  • Avatar for Skalder
    Great song
  • Avatar for BotX
    Thoroughly enjoyable
  • Avatar for vicente123
  • Avatar for goatfish
  • Avatar for thececil
    this song makes me wanna bang on shit. like really hard.
  • Avatar for granturismo
    first minute reminds me of Ringu. o.0 scary. :D but def wow and mind blowing.
  • Avatar for bfinley
    These guys are the ish.


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