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  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    somebody told me they are coming back just like that bug from District 9. :,)
  • Avatar for Conde_Maquina
  • Avatar for CyberMusicLover
    Awesome stuff!!!
  • Avatar for IAmTheClaw
  • Avatar for sychy_dawid
    from Gladbeck?
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    The Samples from Flight Recorder 5.0 are coming from the Documentary: Ufo files: Black Box ! HaHa got U! >)
  • Avatar for DylBerzerker
    So epic!
  • Avatar for methodpt
    Fucking great
  • Avatar for vault13xcv
    5f-x its a GODS OF MUSIC!
  • Avatar for jump29
    "n.a.s.m." is cool Rhythmic Noise song.
  • Avatar for microdisco
    Образцово-показательная электроника. Мощно, массивно, круто. Срочно в мой долгоиграющий плейлист.
  • Avatar for IdMod
    Very nice music! I like it so much. It's also good to listen, while ur playing some racing games.))
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    Battle:LA perverts! xP
  • Avatar for elderlinx
    Too bad invasion ended : /
  • Avatar for ChriSThaaRippeR
    У меня крышуля едет только от одних названий треков
  • Avatar for Blutbengel
    Over?! WTF? O_o
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    oh no dont leaaave us!
  • Avatar for GodCube
    Flightbox Recorder 5.0 is hilarious, with all the UFO samples so eerily and well placed, leading up to... Mars Attacks samples at the end of audioautical-file.010... hilarious
  • Avatar for electroscope
    its over :(
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    You dont actually believe that the Nasca Lines are Alien Symbols?! :D
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    Black Hawk Down with Aliens!!
  • Avatar for TManWQualities
  • Avatar for MRCHUD
    I heard dubstep in "audioautical-file.010"
  • Avatar for Cholostase
    New album is alright but I'm not overwhelmed by it. don't get me wrong it's far away from being bad, but not that mindblowing as the last ones
  • Avatar for Mephistoua
  • Avatar for millette
    Ordering my copy, can't wait! But but... audioautical, audionautical... I'm confused. Which is it?
  • Avatar for dark_sarah_lou
  • Avatar for Carbonfucked
    new album is perfect, ништяк!
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    new album is great, chilling dark industrial noises and good u.f.o. samples
  • Avatar for MRCHUD
    new album is fucking cool
  • Avatar for culf
  • Avatar for millette
    Ohhhh! 3 new tracks!
  • Avatar for zasha_
    puɐʇsɹǝpun ʇou ʎɐɯ noʎ pןɹoʍ ɐ ɯoɹɟ ǝɯoɔ ı
  • Avatar for CommetBoxJunky
    i! i!
  • Avatar for MRCHUD
    good, i have fun
  • Avatar for elderlinx
    Great job.
  • Avatar for HumanGame
    So fun.
  • Avatar for zlez
  • Avatar for obscuresque
    great! <3
  • Avatar for jacinto
    lol, my government is so fucking stupid, they immediately blocked because it looked like alien INVATION, wow, INVATION! how dangerous! And after a month they unblocked it for its nothing dangerous. But it doesn't matter since proxy is our daily friend.
  • Avatar for Xenomorphian
    5F-X is now Online for you Earthlings: (Exclusive Tracks, Pictures, Database of Samples, & much more)
  • Avatar for denisrezin
    заебато. прет очинь-очинь, аж бошкой качаю
  • Avatar for becker_90
    Incredible! Amazing stuff.
  • Avatar for Conde_Maquina
    <3 <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for carlos_leal
    very nice!!!!
  • Avatar for j3ss__
    3,333 listeners. /o/
  • Avatar for ian_evil
    Anyone who uses Futurama samples and/or alien fonts deserves big ups. Dag, yo.
  • Avatar for BunkerT-CAIN
    5f-55 is reflected to 5f-x is very quiet recorded but when u turn up your volume at a extracontinium-bass-level u will geht the bettest maschinenkrach u ever heard.
  • Avatar for Symbol1982
  • Avatar for IamtherealBob
    You guys are teh best. Come and play ...anywhere...Europe preferably. Come on! Bring it


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