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  • Avatar for loudecibels
    Just found them tonight. Great stuff.
  • Avatar for micahnewman
  • Avatar for muteoff
    Where do I start with this band?
  • Avatar for M3Event
    50 Foot Wave's Kristin Hersh discusses fan funding and Creative Commons in a new M3 interview -
  • Avatar for acalltothefront
    this is perfection. kristin hersh is a god
  • Avatar for JeroenKlomp
    not in the album list, but [url=]Power+Light[/url] has its own page
  • Avatar for fishiearchitect
    4 EPs, instrumentals, live recording, and a few other goodies. Enjoy :)
  • Avatar for Kli_Klis
    Has anyone noticed the _jawdropping_ version of Your Ghost by 50 Foot Wave? I first heard it years ago on their myspace and was blown away. Dunno, maybe it's just me being overenthusiastic but for some reason I think it's an amazing rendition.
  • Avatar for summervillain
    Kristin doesn't get near enough respect as a guitar hero.
  • Avatar for AlexanderPope
    Yeah, and there are higher-quality versions (320K) of a number of these tracks available from the Free Music Archive as well: Trading in a 128K version of "Hot Pink, Distorted" for a 320K one = love.
  • Avatar for Cox_of_Seagulls
    Better than post Ramona Muses. Maybe.
  • Avatar for hunterburgess
    This artist never ceases to amaze me...that smoky voice is love.
  • Avatar for IanOhs
    'Amazing. Far better than Throwing Muses actually.'...: really? *eyebrow rises so high it joins my hairline*
  • Avatar for cammarillobrill
    She could make old McDonald had a farm sound fantastic.If you havent checked out Learn to sing like a star, then your missing out on a classic THE THIN MAN is eery and stunning,the hole album just pure Kristin geneous
  • Avatar for crownanchor
    KH has always had STYLE:)
  • Avatar for GrinningW
    Amazing. Far better than Throwing Muses actually.
  • Avatar for gkmy
    Otherness: exactly, I have spent a whole day listening only to 'Dog Days'. Time well spent.
  • Avatar for Otherness
    <3 <3 <3
  • Avatar for voodooroller
    This stuff is awesome. Very side-projecty, but masterful.
  • Avatar for WylieC
    I am loving these right now :D
  • Avatar for aenariel
    super underrated.
  • Avatar for QuinceyMorris
    I adore this band. <3
  • Avatar for JeroenKlomp
    Power+Light album page is [url=]HERE[/url]
  • Avatar for Celadoor
    Latest 50 Foot Wave's EP sounds similar to 2003 Throwing Muses album. And this is great!
  • Avatar for martenHH
    Power+Light is the best song they have ever made!!!
  • Avatar for Otherness
    "Power+Light" available for stream, free download and order: - Also, the band put up ALL their material to download for free here You can show your gratitude by donating and spreading the word!
  • Avatar for Otherness
    There's nothing better after a bad day than "Dog Days" on a loop.
  • Avatar for _KevMusic_
    Power + Light *is* super good :) I'm a fan! Now to find more...
  • Avatar for DasKrisenKind
    Cool. I just know Kristins Solo stuff. Her voice is great!
  • Avatar for thetrousers
    here's a small article on Power + Light:
  • Avatar for JeroenKlomp
    OUT NOW!! NEW 50 FOOT WAVE!!! Listen to POWER + LIGHT here!!!!:
  • Avatar for Valsira
    Power+Light = freakin' AMAZING! For those who don't know it's streaming at
  • Avatar for Sovietvinchuk
    UUUUUUUU!!!! GOD! GOOD! jaja
  • Avatar for blackop
    yes......i like it!!!!
  • Avatar for rob_hillfield
    im NEVER disappointed with Kristen the songwriter.. NEVER... lovely
  • Avatar for SiVA84
  • Avatar for Hurls
    Wish they would come to Australia!
  • Avatar for ffxi_frohike
    Her voice is indeed pure sex.
  • Avatar for sparksoffyou
    Sally is a Girl invades my dreams. The way she says Sun shines at an angle is just bone chilling.
  • Avatar for rebeccaclosure
  • Avatar for lovely08
    Kristin Hersh's voice is PURE SEX.
  • Avatar for micahnewman
    Hey, that picture was taken in front of Hut's hamburgers on W. 6th street in Austin! I've eaten there! I saw them here in '04 at SXSW; maybe it was taken around then.
  • Avatar for psychobadger
    Free music......tempting.
  • Avatar for LorenzoTaylor
    I thought it was 50footwave not 50 foot wave
  • Avatar for Halcyon9
    There material is stunning

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