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Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
50 Cent

Get Rich Or Die Tryin'



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  • thug as fuck
  • record of my childhood
  • I think it's a classic. I think the reason people call it "gangsta" cliche is because like 356654458 other rappers pretty ruined it and beaten it to death.
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  • Lyrics were a bit lazy at times but still a classic. Hard to say if it was better then The Documentary tho.
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  • @Raydenlol - The Documentary by Game.
  • изщабезный блять
  • I'd go as far as to say it's a classic. The quality of music is there as well as the impact. Yeah, 50 Cent isn't really original per se, but he's skilled at making a multitude of different kinds of songs, whether it be the club banger, hardcore joint, or more sensual love song-like track. And it all basically works well together in this album, regardless of the gangsta persona cliches that 50 exudes. For a time, 50 was a tremendously gifted at making great hooks and picking terrific beats to offset some of the predictability and exaggeration of his subject matter. 50 Cent was always a better artist than he was a rapper, which is what, in my opinion, makes up for some of the generic-ness of 50 Cent's lyrics on Get Rich or Die Tryin'. SimonePerrota is right though, it doesn't quite have a lot replay value and there are hints of laziness.
  • The replay value isn't high enough for classic status and there's some filler in the middle. 50 Cent has always been a good rapper but he's never been the best at maintaining the listener's attention. Ever since he went major, his bars have become increasingly dominated by egocentric, machismo drivel and over-used ripostes - the latter in particular. If it weren't for his independent shit and a select few contemporary joints, you'd almost think he'd spent his entire career cribbing scenes and dialogues from action films. A lot of the content on Curtis especially was weak and marred by clumsy transitions from one topic to the next. 50 hardly slept his way through GRODT but there were definitely a few hints of laziness...

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