• Fairport's Cropredy Convention

    17 Aug 2009, 06:18 by darkliquid

    This years Fairports Cropredy Convention was awesome. Things kicked off with Harlequinn, an all-girl alt-rock band local to the area that were very good and managed to not bend to to clique sound one sometimes comes to expect from an all-girl group.

    Other groups of particular note for me were Churchfitters with some really awesome, energetic sounds and a beautiful, haunting piece of music incorporating the musical saw. Ralph McTell gave a strong performance, as did Richard Thompson and I particularly enjoyed 4square and ColvinQuarmby.

    Nik Kershaw had a bizarre stage presence. During is set it felt no so much like we were at a concert but like all 20+ thousand of us were sat in his living room, having a tea and a bit of cake while he played some music. It was oddly conversational and a very enjoyable set. Seth Lakeman gave a good performance but I wasn't as blown away as I might have hoped.

    Ade Edmundson and The Bad Shepherds were fantastic doing folk covers of punk and rock songs…