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Reprinted from Feedback Monitor, 1997.

300 baud
locomotive number 433
Subliminal Broadcast Network

Edmonton's 300 Baud is the brainchild of one Yuval Kordov, a.k.a. DJ uv23. Weaned on the sounds of Skinny Puppy, SPK and their peers, Kordov followed the same path as many of us old industrial fogeys, discovering the work of Autechre, Aphex Twin et al as the industrial scene began to stagnate in the early 90s. On this…

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  • Bandcamp, man. I'd buy your stuff in a heartbeat. I have the old MP3.com CD you could buy sitting around here, somewhere. But I'd kill to be able to get all your tracks in high quality.
  • Step away from the track!
  • Hmmm I might have one or two real life CDs around somewhere. I'm sure I still have the mp3s. (Hopefully!) If you give me a place to drop them, I'd be happy to send you the album. Drop me a note on my shoutbox or an email.
  • Is there any way I could get ahold of your tracks on CD or MP3?
  • No vinyl I'm afraid, no. May have some discs floating around somewhere.
  • huge fan of your music! first heard you back on mp3.com, back in the day. glad to hear you're still at it in some capacity. do you still have any 300bps vinyl available?
  • Cheers. :) I've started producing music again, this time doing remixes for Woodpigeon. Look for them to go public some time in the Spring.
  • yay, I'm your biggest fan!
  • Wow, there are still people out there listening to 300 baud? Hello fans! ;)

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