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  • Avatar for AbsoluteWinter
    ಠ_ಠ wtf ... So much time passed and still I still love this song (ʘ_ʘ)
  • Avatar for Khesna
    I love this song
  • Avatar for ClearBlackCover
    I love this song <3
  • Avatar for spacemonkey2977
    BEG!!!! for the rest of my LIFE!!!!!
  • Avatar for Gellies
    Seen them 4 times in concert and they just keep getting better! I can't wait until their next album comes out!
  • Avatar for blacklacensteph
    such a girl for thinking he looks hot in the video
  • Avatar for Sucette66
  • Avatar for StaggerRach
    great song, great vid. HOT drummer :)
  • Avatar for spacemonkey2977
    amazing song!!!
  • Avatar for avee-k
    wonderful <33
  • Avatar for Sh33pInPanic
    v Uhm, nope. :D
  • Avatar for mcrawford42
  • Avatar for GoddessSymmetry
    beautiful version
  • Avatar for RutekPL
    I could listen to it for the whole day. xD I need 24h long version!
  • Avatar for jkiller1234
    another epic band
  • Avatar for stepherrific
    the emotion in this song is amazing
  • Avatar for AnnaMarii
    I love this song ! :D :3
  • Avatar for phil_mt
    The unplugged version is awesome[2]
  • Avatar for I_LOVE_Punk182
    Jared Leto I adore you <33 This acoustic version is just so wonderful *-*!!!
  • Avatar for ktasalazar
    So Hot! I love Jared! <3
  • Avatar for spacemonkey29
    not my type of music, but this song is amazing. love it!!!
  • Avatar for smexiigossipgir
    BURY ME.. Great song!
  • Avatar for canineMind
    The unplugged version is awesome. <3
  • Avatar for Pantera1828
    Love this band!
  • Avatar for YvesO
    i love those "the shining"-references in the music video
  • Avatar for lauraculross
    great band, have all their cds, including a 30 seconds to mars tattoo, that's the best thing i ever spent my money on and it will be with me forever which i love. i'd love to see them in concert
  • Avatar for brennaissmexy4
    love this band
  • Avatar for Katezky
    LOVE this song!!!!! LOVE this band!!!!! :-) [2]
  • Avatar for MBLark
    god I love this song
  • Avatar for sanguine17
  • Avatar for Erdbeersekt
    it gives me the creeps <3
  • Avatar for paperlanterns86
    This song rocks, I can't stop listening to it. Hehe :)
  • Avatar for limperatrice
    I listen to this song so much I think my roommates hate me.
  • Avatar for snipaboy14
    AwEsOmE!!! Just look at the turtle he's thrilled lol.
  • Avatar for panicfan66
    Some times I get the not so good acoustic one and sometimes I get the awesome one. Right now it's the awesome one!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for CemetaryRain
    i love this song so much! its amazeing!
  • Avatar for TaylorCH1995
    Love this song, one of my favorite songs ever actually. X) ♥
  • Avatar for Mickey_Six
    "Come Break Me Down"...Jared Leto!
  • Avatar for SourPatchxD
    awesomee songg. awesomee bandd. awesomee song. <33 :)
  • Avatar for VampiricGerm
    Soooo amazing...... =]
  • Avatar for rockcandi
    Love it!
  • Avatar for Music101_DAC
    I Love This Song, My Favorite By Them For Sure. :)
  • Avatar for panicfan66
    This is my all time favorite song by them
  • Avatar for PancakeVSWaffle
    LOVE this song!!!!! LOVE this band!!!!! :-)
  • Avatar for dreeamee
    awsome vid lol
  • Avatar for andywantslove
    best song ever!!!
  • Avatar for Lex12
    Omg Jared Leto is BA!!! SO hot, and a great voice lol
  • Avatar for Kirstin_Morgan
    i love this song. it is simply awesome
  • Avatar for JanisKaroline
    oh yeah!!!!!come break me down/i´ve finished with you/you´re killing me!!!!!! awesome!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Music101_DAC
    This is My Absolute Favorite Song by 30 Seconds To Mars! <3


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