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  • Avatar for 1000julys
    Finally got around to listening to 'Union of Souls' what a quality album.
  • Avatar for 1000julys
    I finally after about 10 years bought a copy of Union of Souls.
  • Avatar for 1000julys
    Miss these guys
  • Avatar for EndlessDelirium
    It's been years since I've listened to Revolt, enjoying it again after all this time. But fuck, the album cover is dreadful.
  • Avatar for silenticecream
    haven't listened to this band in a while. Maybe that's because I smoothed out the grooves of pure back in the day D. My mp3s will be getting a decent level of abuse very shortly...
  • Avatar for psycaffeine BEST B-SIDE EVER!!
  • Avatar for psycaffeine
    amazing band, RIP...
  • Avatar for xarlieb
    i cant believe i didnt hear of this band earlier =P
  • Avatar for pessimystica
    "Keith Baxter ... died in January 2008 at the age of 36 as a result of a gastro-intestinal hemorrhage." - very sad indeed :(
  • Avatar for MsKD666
    I miss this band. Sad to hear about Keith too :(
  • Avatar for hiei229
    I really lie this band ^^
  • Avatar for longball2no1
    Also check out if you can the excellent b-side "If", from the "This Is My Time" single.
  • Avatar for stylus_skipping
    Start with Pure. No question. Saw this band twice, both times they were absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for longball2no1
    Throughbreeze, what a great b-side from this band. Awesome live, lucky enough to see them 3 times at various size venues.
  • Avatar for TheAlexH
    Revolt? It's Pure, no question for me.
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    start with Revolt
  • Avatar for Exit-Wound
    I keep meaning to get in to these guys, all the stuff I've heard is genius. Which album is the best place to start?
  • Avatar for Gilaventi
    Are 3 Colours Red one the greatest bands Britain has ever produced? Join [url=]The British Rock Artists League[/url] and vote for them in [url=]Band Qualifying[/url] to get them in the final tournament. Spread the word!
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    90 thousand plays its sad. They deserve a lot more
  • Avatar for sixstone
    Sad for the Keith Baxter. RIP
  • Avatar for grecoroman
    what the fuck ? How did he die ?
  • Avatar for CB2610
    Woah, suddenly I'm in the top listeners because I spent a whole night listening to them - they need a LOT more listeners. =(
  • Avatar for Soundhog
    What a shame. RIP KB : (
  • Avatar for CB2610
    It's bad that it takes the sad death of their drummer for me to start playing them again... but at least I've realised how foolish I was to ignore them for so long. R.I.P.
  • Avatar for -jc-
    just found out. poor guy, RIP fella :(
  • Avatar for TheAlexH
    RIP Mr Keith Baxter. :|
  • Avatar for Smileysim
    those were the times....
  • Avatar for ManicLoop
    the band that got me into rock.... legends
  • Avatar for Alfaddur
  • Avatar for josecharts
    Beautiful day- beautiful song
  • Avatar for cremepuff
    Copper girl - i will wait for it to be on here!
  • Avatar for fluffygrue
    Can't believe they've got so few listens. :(
  • Avatar for maccarocks
    Absolutely awesome live and on CD/MP3. Throughbreeze and Fake Apology are probably my favourite 3CR tracks. Check them out.
  • Avatar for talk_is_cheap
    I ♥ 3 colours red.. ALWAYS a song for whatever mood you're in. They rock.
  • Avatar for ofnightandgill
    pure is honest and simplistically genius
  • Avatar for casketbase
    real music
  • Avatar for __n__
    pure is such an amazing album..
  • Avatar for TheAlexH
    The World Is Yours!

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