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    я вырос слушая ее..... очень много связано с ней....
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    Wonda Why They Call U Bitch......
  • Avatar for vinasss_
    so true
  • Avatar for Neue_regel_
    @Beatnik24, Cool story bro. Some facts 1. You're a nobody and 2pac is a legend. Your opinion neither does matter nor will change anything. 2. This is not a misogyny song. He only disses women that behave like hoes and sluts !! 2pac actually loved women A LOT. At least the females who respect themselves.
  • Avatar for MegamanXL
    @Beatnik24 , shut up, bitch
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    And there's nothing worst than seeing women co-sign men's misogyny. Please demand better for yourself and your daughters and don't tolerate being treated as if you are subservient and inferior. Love starts at home. Love yourself first.
  • Avatar for Beatnik24
    Definitely can't get into this song as much, especially as someone with feminist politics and values. The intent of his message is completely lost with his patriarchal male privilege and his need to assert himself as some kind of authority over women to even be in the position to tell her why she would deserve to be degraded. It's an awful message really. At least "Brenda Had A baby" didn't have this kind of misogyny and snark attached to it. I love Pac, but this is the side of him I don't love. If you can't respect the female gender, you sure and the hell; can't respect yourself and the human being whose body you came out of. So many people out there need to get their hearts and their minds right. SMASH PATRIARCHY!
  • Avatar for cinderslug
    "Keep you head up, legs closed, eyes open" - Why don't more rappers rap about this kinda stuff? It would be a much healthier influence than the shit that's infecting the airways these days.
  • Avatar for StarryLa
    really heavy feminist track [2] - yet, every woman needs to hear this.
  • Avatar for Stokka
    The backing vocal of this track is the most ridiculous in rap history. I hope it's meant as a joke. I laughed.
  • Avatar for Safiana
    Damn... I miss the truth that 2Pac represented.
  • Avatar for Versional
    His best fucking song.
  • Avatar for unspeakablerx
    really heavy feminist track
  • Avatar for Nyck-N-Jowns
    So true, how can this not be understood
  • Avatar for lvlaverick23
    look here miss thang!
  • Avatar for IAJP
    talkin to sum niggah bout his car..ah guess he said he had a lexus..what's nex'? betcha headin to his car for sum sex-iz
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  • Avatar for VeX08
    never understood this song fully until today. rest in peace 2pac.. FUCK BITCHES. not women.. but bitches.
  • Avatar for Kubbas
    So true.
  • Avatar for Crab4ik
    какая правдивая песня...
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  • Avatar for twizzlemastick
    Still lookin' for a rich man, you dug a ditch, got your legs up tryin' to get rich. I love ya like a sister but you got to switch, and that's why they call you bitch. [2] classic track. great lyrics and production is sick. the bass is bangin.
  • Avatar for DrBlueGuy
    amazing. dont know much pac if anyone else got some i'd love suggestions
  • Avatar for Smakaveli
    nothin but the truth
  • Avatar for JcA92
    Underrated 2Pac track
  • Avatar for tmt_boarder
    Still lookin' for a rich man, you dug a ditch, got your legs up tryin' to get rich. I love ya like a sister but you got to switch, and that's why they call you bitch.
  • Avatar for IAJP
    SERIOUS tune!!
  • Avatar for superscorp
    all 2pac songs are classic
  • Avatar for mhunke
    this song's a motherfucking classic

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