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Me and My Girlfriend (5:10)

Friends of 2Pac have confirmed that the main inspiration for this track was the Nas song “I Gave You Power” where he raps from the perspective of a gun.

Tupac mentions his childhood in songs sometimes, and it’s never quite the fairytale wonderland you’d imagine

The song is possibly also inspired by Rick James‘ '78 funk song “Mary Jane”, in which Rick is in love with a girl named Mary Jane or marijuana.

There’s also another instance… read more

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[Intro - Girl]
Shit, you mothafuckin' right!
I'm the bitch that's keepin' it live and keepin' it hot when you punk-ass niggas don't!
Nigga West-SIDE! What?!

2Pac - Me and My Girlfriend Lyrics


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  • run niggle run
  • so raw...
  • only straight up shitty song on an album full of 5 star songs
  • i'll bet when pac wrote this he thought "i sure hope someone rips this song off and makes a bland radio hit with it"
  • The Lady of Rage
  • Run nigga, duck and hide! Nigga I'm bustin all you bitches! Run nigga, yeah! Westside! Uh uh uh! Die nigga die!
  • PAC!!
  • this song is fucking crazy. you have to listen to it super loud coz the beat and the rhymes are so amazing. and then, "RUN NIGGA RUN! AMMA BLAST YOU! WESS-SIDE! WUT NIGGA!", after you get over that you turn it up again, and then all of a sudden pac bursts out with, "ah LURV finga fuckin you". tag as 'songs not to listen to on loudspeaker in your parent's house' for sure.
  • EPIC.

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