• 222 - Year One

    19 Nov 2011, 21:41 by hyphenations

    222 - Year One

    This was excitedly forwarded to me by a fellow journalist with the playful subject line: "If The White Stripes started a Nirvana tribute band". While that caption sort of describes 222's dynamic, it doesn't wholly encapsulate the Connecticut duo's M.O.

    The singularly monikered Matt and Jenny (drums/vocals and baritone guitar, respectively), play a bare-boned brand of melodic hard rock that touches on several closely related genres including indie, post hardcore and punk, in a manner that suggests that this is probably not the members' first foray into writing and performing, meaning; it's no easy feat to forge memorable rock songs with such a deficit of components. Primitive production values aside, 222 do it with fairly notable aplomb.

    This effort being a compilation of the band's three 4 song singles, released between fall 2010 and summer 2011, you can hear a gradual evolution in ideas and sounds.
    The openers Next Top Model and Broad Strokes come on like Fugazi meets Sabbath…
  • 222 - Fall / 2010

    6 Feb 2011, 15:04 by TMacGregor

    Entering the fold with an adventurously conceived string of download only, four song singles on the eve of each season, , it's hard to know where to file a band like the cryptically moniker-ed 222. Probably a tad too bombastic to be adored by Pixies devotees, and too introspective for say, a 'Sabbath fanatic. Yet this New England duo pay sonic homage to both, as well as others, on their quarterly efforts, which are presumably self-produced, and for lack of a better scapegoat, perhaps most closely matched with In Utero era Nirvana, if only in their unpolished, anthemic, and for a two-piece, surprisingly dynamic renderings.

    Pop-structured and holding back little, 222 lay into Next Top Model with a simple and effective call and response of verse and chorus, lyrically insinuating the dead end pursuit of the modern-day rock band. Timely, well worn fodder, for certain. The vocals, as gruff as they are melodic, hit just where they need to throughout…
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    1 Jul 2009, 12:02 by mrsjonesrecords

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