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    Ahhhhh, a pleasant Sunday stroll arrayed in Sunday finery through the local botanical gardens. Wife in flowered bonnet in one arm, displaying a slight skip to our step while vieiwing the varieties of cactii, bromeliads, and the ever favorite numerous species of recreational hemp. Varon: Comeon! Let 'cho light SHINE!!
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    Great Track!!!...............Smooth & Cool!!!.............Lovin It !!!................
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    GoatSoapLady? I LOVE that name. Has a musical aspect to it as it falls off the tongue. (And for me, that one loooong fall). Kind'a goes along with this track. Naw, I'm not gettin' upset over jerky. Now Ring Pops, THAT's another matter. And don't even get me started on M & Ms.. (Somebody get me the tongue depressor!...) Aaaah, better. Store impulse items set me off. On another note: Rub a dub dub, I wouldn't mind being one of the guys in your tub. Ok, I need to drop my mind off at the cleaners. Maybe they'll use some of your famous Goat Soap on it. The thing is filthy. simply filthy. Ok, Hollywood Squares is on. Got'a go.. Later!
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    All (happily) I have to say is chill, enjoy the great sounds, and shop Etsywhilst listening and buy handcrafted products of your choice from crafters from the country of your choice, not mass-produced from anywhere.
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    Well DUH! You ever look at jerky they have at the checkout stands? They should label it "Bagged Road Kill". Double DUH! China shouldn't be allowed to sell us salt, let alone anything remotely edible. Melamine in baby formula.. LA Times says Customs at LAX rejects anywhere from 20-50% of food imports from China. Hey lets make jerky out of the dogs and sell 'em back to China! Dog is considered eating "high on the hog" there. If ya want I can suggest a few "special seasonings". Maybe call the product: Yahnkhee Rhowd Keer Oops, sorry. Cheeks set me off. Great music, magical, *****, <3, yatta, yatta....
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    I'm back on the clouds with a good =bottle of french Merlot and a a french girl, this music makes me want to do that
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    Sounds like Zelda music...

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