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  • YES! incredible :D Radio Soulwax Part 2 in animation form...
  • Their live sets are damn good and the sound is damn high! (As 75% of the people at the show)
  • I don't care what says I'm gonna put it as 2manydjs! FIght the man!
  • Its not you its the "E" talking. ~~~~~``+++~~~~
  • These guy's have one of the best essential mixes
  • weird how this has classed as the correct tag when Soulwax themselves have changed it to "2manydjs"
  • This guys work SO HARD to compilate all that old music and keep up with the new DJ's, they way they mix is fucking amazing. True musicians and my idols.
  • radio soulwax is pure genius.
  • What is the song (Benelux with barbie doll? HEEEELP!!! ;-)
  • Check out their new website intro, its awesome!
  • bad tag - it's supposed to be 2manydjs, isn't it?
  • 2 many dj's had a really great show at Row Club, Barcelona on last 09/25... IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Radio Soulwax is amazing.
  • I don't want to open any Flemish language can of worms here people, but in Dutch at any rate, you do use an apostrophe for plurals. Just saying, like.
  • they are soooooooooooooooooooooooo THE BEST LIVE <3
  • there's no apostrophe in DJs
  • 2 Many DJ's is for me really a sound track of the last 10 years. I would like to thank u guys for that. :P (2)
  • COLOMBIA awaits eagerly!!!
  • come to poland , we love you , again show from opener festival!!
  • UKRAINIANS wanna see you in the UKRAINE !!!
  • check it out!
  • 2 Many DJ's is for me really a sound track of the last 10 years. I would like to thank u guys for that. :P
  • Great show in Paris though:
  • Barcelona 02/12/2010 __ Just got out of the dancefloor feeling sad. Come on guys?!! did you and your friends needed some extracash or what? Was it how you feel a merry XMAS should be? Don't take it  as a pernickety criticize, please, but as a recrimination from a disapointed FAN. I really missed your pranks!! You are more queer than this. -- Too Straight. Too agressive for a Xmas. Too expensive for the fun received. Too many Dj's on stage!!!! Today I started to miss you guys. Where did you go?? And what for???? --
  • Check out if you are interested in the music/clubbing scene. New social network dedicated for music/clubbing lovers.
  • World's most creative DJ's.
  • geniuses
  • Please click 'Suggest a correction' on the right of this page, and vote for 2 Many DJs. The apostrophe is not correct even though it was on the album cover.
  • I dont saw it lol
  • me too,super
  • giovedì 2 settembre 2 MANY DJS @ Magnolia Parade!/event.php?eid=110032989050201&ref=mf
  • yey Juicy Beats
  • Review of 2 many dj's at The Olmypia Theatre Dublin
  • immernoch geflasht vom sea of love auftritt [2]
  • Ja, das war das Beste an Juicy Beats. Ich hät gerne eine CD mit den ganzen Tracks und den Videos dazu.
  • verdammt geil gestern aufm juicy beats! :D
  • immernoch geflasht vom sea of love auftritt
  • Cała masa płyt (nieoficjalnych) tego duetu znajduje się na forum na stronie Konkretnie tu : >
  • sea of love war der oberhammer
  • jest szansa na butleg?
  • 2 Many DJ's are the shit!
  • okurwajapierdole !!! Tyle byłem w stanie powiedzieć po ich występie. Wszystkie następne koncerty już się nie liczyły. EPIC WIN at HOF 2010 !!!
  • zajebiście na open'erze! jeszcze wtedy miałam czynną prawą rękę i mogłam szaleć aaaaaaaaa <3
  • na Open'erze stanowczo rozkurwili system!
  • najlepszy koncert na jakim bylem w zyciu !!!!!!!!!!!!! po prostu wymietli wszystko, konczac Joy division - Love Will tear Us Apart rozwalili mi glowe...... BIG RESPECT !!!!!


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