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-(Taken from*Sweet is dead.
-Hailing from Chicago, 2*Sweet plays an infectious blend of pop-punk and straightforward rock and roll with a natural gift for crafting melody-rich songs. After a well-received demo, two busy years of shows and tours, the next step in 2*Sweet's evolution has arrived with the release of their debut EP, Burning Alive in the Prairie State. The months and years to come will prove 2*Sweet are shedding some new light on an otherwise stale sound.+

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2*Sweet was a doompop band from Chicago. Their heavy riffing, accentuated drumming, and unique vocals combined with catchy choruses have influenced many local bands in the Chicago-land area. They were proudly unsigned and loved playing for anyone, anywhere, anytime. On May 20, 2008, they released to the world their debut full-length album Sleep Without Dreams. 2*Sweet disbanded on December 15th, 2008, when they had their final concert. 2.) Chinese girl duo named 2*Sweet