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  • Avatar for bradleymiracle
    criminally underrated.
  • Avatar for download_77
    Download this band in: http://geracao666.blo (remove the blanks to unite the link)
  • Avatar for xTIMEx
    they are stellar to see live
  • Avatar for gollum234
    one of the loudest shows i've ever been to - awesome band!
  • Avatar for screamenko
    Three shouts below there is a link to their bandcamp.
  • Avatar for TruffleDucky
    could anyone hit me up with a download link? [2]
  • Avatar for Youwillbeerased
    could anyone hit me up with a download link?
  • Avatar for georgeisbulb
  • Avatar for xiphoid_process
    it should be a crime not to love these dudes.
  • Avatar for davygrohl
  • Avatar for brandonmjones NEW ALBUM FO FREE!!!!!
  • Avatar for brandonmjones
    since the last time i saw these guys the venue closed and all the bands broke up (algernon and snowing). REST IN POWER [2] indeed.
  • Avatar for cult-rain
    when do I get to fuck it.
  • Avatar for Registeel
    i was born 1993!
  • Avatar for omaCore
  • Avatar for kbopNJ
    they meet girls on tour in different cities and moved in with them. no more band.
  • Avatar for superdupersheep
    facebook page says they are breaking up. :(
  • Avatar for davygrohl
    fuck it.
  • Avatar for StuckPig
  • Avatar for adeebsworld
    I'm still pretty bummed that I showed up late at the show they played in Houston last summer so I didn't get to see them.
  • Avatar for demijohn
    sure wish they'd come to Texas :/
  • Avatar for ExcessiveClap
    Well, second to !!!.
  • Avatar for omaCore
    most ungoogleable band [2]
  • Avatar for moderaterock
    most ungoogleable band
  • Avatar for omaCore
    They are so fucking awesome!
  • Avatar for xTIMEx
    this band is absolutely hypnotic
  • Avatar for friendskillCOPS
    NAH - TAPEFUCK cassettes available here. NAH is Mike from 1994! 9 BLAZING SONGS
  • Avatar for Cavalorn
    thats because they are... just loud. live, at least.
  • Avatar for L_E_D_Zep
    i wanted to listen to it for the emo aspect but it's just Lightning Bolt weird ass riffs and shit man. i feel pleb
  • Avatar for L_E_D_Zep
    i tried to get into this and couldn't... fuck
  • Avatar for L_E_D_Zep
    how do i contain all this math rock
  • Avatar for wholeintheworld
    i've posted this on at least a few other band's pages but these guys are probably the best band ever
  • Avatar for HusqyisonLastfm
    If you like Screamo/Post-hardcore/Hardcore/Emo, then you should check this out! It's a comp that I'm a part of along with a few friends. It's called Interskramz, Volume 2 (don't fret, the name is a joke). Interskramz is also the name of the label, and we're combining with another label, INSRGNT. Here are the links, give it a listen (and Volume 1), and buy it later when it comes out, which will hopefully be June. So far, Calculator, мища, RAEIN, & Box Social (sweet, sweet emo) are on it.
  • Avatar for adiverrdescends
    i can't deliberate on the nature of gifts because ISN'T IT GIFT ENOUGH TO LIVE HALFWAY DECENT, IF ONLY FOR A FEW DAYS??
  • Avatar for superdupersheep
    thank you all guy helpening = incredible
  • Avatar for FeelinZazzy
    1 week and 3 days!
  • Avatar for cynicalweirdo
    I have a rare color of Thank You Arms and Fingers up on eBay. Check it out.
  • Avatar for littlephiish
    cant wait till you guys come back to NYC
  • Avatar for brandonmjones
  • Avatar for minehost
    ah man
  • Avatar for xTIMEx
    saw them last night at snowing's last show in philly, so amazing live
  • Avatar for MarsilVendeur
    How the fuck do they have so few listeners?
  • Avatar for squirelle121
    "No offence to anyone that likes the mistfits but there a burnt out, dead band. No one listens to that old shit anymore" <--- lolwut. I was listening to the misfits earlier. amibadpunx?
  • Avatar for ticklishgio
    @lrhigh the so called "punks" believe there hard for listening to music from the early 80's. No offence to anyone that likes the mistfits but there a burnt out, dead band. No one listens to that old shit anymore
  • Avatar for Hannowskys
    the drummer is a robot!
  • Avatar for GenghisRex
    The drummer.
  • Avatar for FrankyWahWah
  • Avatar for MarsilVendeur
    Termineighbor 2 <3
  • Avatar for greyms
    So ridiculously great.
  • Avatar for DreamVsDream
    ходил на них, вживую здоровски конечно^^


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